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Everything you need to know about E-Commerce, today, to always be on top of your game. News, competition, deals, marketing, vertical deep dives, strategies for SEO - Dropshipping - Co-Warehousing - Co-Packing, ... literally everything you need with fresh content every day.
Every day we read through dozens of media outlets to find the best content that you, as an e-commerce professiona, need to read to have that advantage over your competitors, find new trends, learn new skills or simply be "in-the-loop".
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Nichecommerce is proud to announce that we have been nominated a Top Link of the Week by CourseDuck.com, this is in recognition to all the valuable information we bring e-commerce professionals every days.

Other stuff

I also maintain a personal collection of 14 cool e-commerce shops I found here and there on the web, have a look at it here Arjuna's collection of cool e-commerce shops. If you know any cool shop, suggest it using the form at the bottom of the page.