What's nichecommerce?

Hi there, my name is Arjuna and I've been passionate about e-commerce for quite some time, specifically small and independent shops, but for curious life events I've never directly worked on that space. This website is a weekend project I built during some sabbatical time, here you can find:

  • The Daily Pulse Report tl;dr latest news about e-commerce
  • Nichecommerce Collection tl;dr cool online shops I find here and there

· Daily E-Commerce Pulse Report

I'm the kind of person that wants to be always up to date (like that friend you have that reads the Morning Brew every day;), so I built a daily report to get in my inbox all the news related to the e-commerce world. Publishing it on this website was a matter of minutes, I hope you can find it useful too.

Have a look at the latest one or head over to the full Daily E-Commerce Pulse Report collection.

· A collection of shops with a story

One day I was reading the book "The Fortune Cookie Principle" (Bernadette Jiwa) and really liked all the various business examples it contains, from beautifully designed tattos to garbage boxed and sold as souvenir. So I started compiling a list of businesses with a nice story, curious products or simply catering to a small niche or subculture.
If you do know any, please add it to the list.