Hi there, my name is Arjuna and in mid 2017 I left my job as software engineer at Facebook to travel, study, visit friends and family, and in general enjoy some time off.
As I've always been interested in learning more about business, marketing and economics one day I picked up the bookThe Fortune Cookie Principle (Bernadette Jiwa) from the local libray. I devoured it on a single flight from California to London and, while reading all the cool business examples it contains, I started thinking "that's cool, I need to remember this product", or "nice idea, should bookmark it somewhere" but instead of just writing it down I created this website (every excuse is good to write some more code, right? ;).
I'll keep saving here the cool shops and products I find here and there and of course you are more than welcome to suggest your own.

English is not my mother language, if you find errors in the texts feel free to send me your suggestions. I will greatly appreciate it.


Write me at hello@nichecommerce.net or socially connect on Facebook or LinkedIn.
Generally speaking I'm a friendly person.


Shop logo by SimpleIcon from www.flaticon.com licensed under CC 3.0 BY. Images mostly from the terrific unsplash.com. Most shops data sourced from the official website.