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  • - Video is a powerful marketing tool.  85 percent of internet users watch video content at least once a month. And people want more.  In fact, 54 percent of folks think brands should be putting more video content out there.  Putting out video content isn’t always easy. Maybe you’re running low […]
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  • 13 Free SEO Courses, Beginner to Advanced - Being stuck at home due to Covid-19 is an excellent time to improve your search engine optimization skills. The following seven learning sites offer, collectively, 13 free SEO courses. Some include free certificates of completion to showcase your new skills on LinkedIn or elsewhere.
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  • 13 Free Video Editors from Basic to Advanced - The right software can help create compelling product videos, clips, or ads to share on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or anywhere else. Many free video editors offer basic, easy-to-use features as well as advanced tools and effects for professional-quality. Here is a list of free video editors.
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  • 8 Advanced Instagram Growth Hacks for Marketers - Check out these Instagram growth hacks so you can grow your following, build your engagement and get more visitors to your online store.
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  • Advanced Strategies for Selling on Instagram - Last month I addressed content ideas to maximize an Instagram feed to attract followers. In this post, I'll discuss strategies to optimize Instagram posts to retain and engage an audience of potential buyers.
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  • Amazon reportedly in ‘advanced talks’ to open HQ2 in Virginia - These sorts of major decision no doubt take some time. And, of course, Amazon is clearly milking the decision making process for all it’s worth as cities across the States roll out the red carpet. According to a new report from The Washington Post, however, the big news surrounding where the company opens its second […]
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  • An Advanced Guide to Product-Based SEO for Online Stores - Boost traffic and increase sales with this product-based SEO guide for eCommerce. Learn 9 practical steps to improve product pages & attract visitors.
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  • Beyond the Basic: 3 Elements of an Advanced Automation Strategy -   Marketing automation in retail is nothing new.   From cart abandonment to welcome campaigns, customers are becoming more accustomed to receiving automated messages from retailers as they work through their online shopping journey.   But as the likes of Uber and Deliveroo continue to push the boundaries of offering tailored and personalised customer experiences, the finer details of those expectations are slowly but surely growing. Simple automation is no longer enough; if retailers don’t want to be left behind it is essential that they advance their execution to meet customer-first campaign standards. According to our own research, 46% of consumers would “consider not shopping again with a company if they keep sending them marketing emails with products they’re not interested in or aren’t tailored for them. The keyword here is tailored. Do the automated messages feel relevant? Are they reflective of a customer’s buying habits, or do they seem generic? In order to stand out you need to take your automation strategy a step further. You can take a deep-dive into the methodology of executing a great strategy in our latest download ‘An Advanced Guide to Marketing Automation in Retail’. In this blog we will address the three top-line elements required to cement your strategy.
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  • - When picking a site builder—whether for ecommerce, blogging, or a business website—you must decide if you want the simplest interface possible, or perhaps something that provides a more complicated infrastructure with improved control. Fluid Engine and Editor X are in… Continue reading Fluid Engine vs Editor X (Nov 2022): Choose the Best Site Builder
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  • How Far Are We from AI Singularity? What It Means & Implications - If you're working in a marketing role, you can't ignore the emerging field of artificial intelligence. It's quickly gained traction, and industry leaders have begun projecting that rapid AI advancements could surpass human intelligence sooner than we think.
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  • How to Determine the Best Shopify Pricing for Your eCommerce Store - Choice. Some choices are simple, like what to have for lunch on Taco Tuesday. Other choices, like what to say when told your in-laws are coming for a visit, are not. Somewhere in between those two falls your choice of Shopify pricing. Not quite the minefield of your significant other’s parents, but not quite as […]
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  • How to Search Tweets Using Twitter Advanced Search - Let’s say you want to find a specific @elonmusk tweet about machine learning, but can’t find the tweet when you scroll back in your feed.
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  • How to Search on Google: 31 Google Advanced Search Tips - If you’re like me, you probably use Google many times a day. But chances are, unless you're a technology geek, you probably still use Google in its simplest form. If your current use of Google is limited to typing in a few words and changing your query until you find what you’re looking for, I’m here to tell you that there’s a better way -- and it’s not hard to learn.
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  • Instagram Exposed: Advanced Instagram Marketing Tactics to Get a Ton of Followers - A comprehensive step by step guide on how to get more followers on Instagram using smart and little known advanced marketing tactics.
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  • Integrations Hub adds Advanced Commerce Instant-on Integration to Boost Conversions Through Search & Personalization - At Elastic Path, we strive to empower all brands to benefit from composable commerce. Users can set up powerful third-party integrations with just a few clicks through our "instant on" integrations available in our Integrations Hub. With the Advanced Commerce "instant on" integration, merchandisers can sync their catalogs to leverage the powerful personalization and site search tools to boost conversion rates and AOV.  How to Set Up Advanced Commerce Instant On Integration:  Check out our quick demo to get started and verify your catalogs sync status using this "instant on" integration without a single line of code from within Commerce Manager, our business user tooling.    For more information, check out our documentation page to see how to customize fields beyond the standard data mapping from the "instant on" integration.  Who is Advanced Commerce Advanced Commerce offers online merchandising, search, and personalization in one easy-to-use platform. Used with Elastic Path Commerce Cloud, you can create revolutionary shopping experiences for your customers.  Get hands on with an Elastic Path Free Trial Monetize your digital experiences and prepare for the future of retail with a Elastic Path free trial. Sign up for a free trial What you can do with Advanced Commerce Advance Commerce GrapheneHC allows users to control site search, merchandising tactics, and personalization across multiple storefronts using a single connection to Elastic Path Commerce Cloud.  Set blends for PLPs (Product listing page) to customize the order of products by attributes like price, what is new, if a product is on sale, color, and much more.  Control search results to boost conversions by utilizing predictive type ahead search, customizable recommended products, and even searching across multiple attributes like a 'medium orange dress.'  Merchandisers can also use personalization based on user segments to deliver a custom digital experience across product list pages, search results, and product recommendations.  EP Product Experience Manager's ability to easily create multiple catalogs works like a charm with the "instant on" integration to Advanced Commerce. Users can sync separate catalogs to respective storefronts enabling the control required to create truly outstanding customer experiences.
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  • Product Photography, Part 9: Advanced Composition - I discussed in my previous post two compositional rules that could make your product photography more engaging. I'll expand on that subject in this article. This is the ninth installment of my series to help ecommerce merchants take better product images.
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  • SEO: How to Super Search with Advanced Operators - Specialized search queries can help identify missing keywords, specific content, competitors, and much more. Here are 18 essential "operators" with examples.
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  • - Shopify discount codes don't come around that often, but there are plenty of ways to save on the top ecommerce platform! To begin, we have a wonderful, time-sensitive Shopify discount code that's exclusive to our readers and only available until… Continue reading Shopify Discount Codes 2022: How to Save Big on Shopify
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  • Stripe Review: Payment Processor With Advanced Development and Clear Pricing - The Stripe payment processor has some romance behind it. Not only does it have big-name clients like Lyft, Target, and Warby Parker, but the impressive team of co-founders certainly brings a bit of glamour into the equation. In this Stripe… Continue reading Stripe Review: Payment Processor With Advanced Development and Clear Pricing
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  • - Shopify Free Trial | Full Shopify Review | Shopify Pricing Plans and Fees Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel Shopify Pricing Video Transcript INTRO Hi everyone, welcome back to our Ecommerce Platforms.com YouTube channel! I'm Tudor, and today we're diving into… Continue reading Video: Shopify Pricing and Fees
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  • What is Advanced Search? - Anyone managing an eCommerce business knows how vital site search is to the customer experience. How customers find your products quickly and efficiently based on information such as name, size, color, or SKU can be the difference between a sale or a lost opportunity.  Let’s take a closer look at Advanced Search, commonly used terms in how we talk about it, and top takeaways to remember about Search optimization.  Advanced Search goes beyond the typical search box functionality shoppers use onsite. It allows brands to refine the search and discovery criteria to target user intent and display results quickly and accurately. We’ll discuss four Advanced Search tactics: Multiple Content, Faceted Search, Keyword Discovery, and Intuitive Search.  But first things first – how important is Search really? Consider this: as many as 68% of shoppers would not return to a site if they experienced poor Search performance. Studies show 15% of total users use site search, and this accounts for 45% of total revenue. Site search performance affects the bottom line; if you are not optimizing it, your competitor will.  The Cost of Ignoring Search  Advanced Search allows brands to refine and personalize search and discovery criteria so they find what they are looking for in less time. As user engagement improves so does checkout conversion and loyalty. Frictionless shopping experiences begin with how customers interact with your search functionality.  What can it cost you when you don’t make the investment in search? Plenty. Once your customers land on your site, the clock is ticking for search and conversion. The more obstacles preventing discovery and checkout, the greater bounce rate and ultimately decreased revenue, plus the cost of a damaged brand reputation.  At Elastic Path we have a trusted community of vendor partners and system integrators who bring your commerce platform to life. In the Search and Advanced Search realm, we have established relationships with those partners who do it well, such as Algolia, Bloomreach and Advanced Commerce.  How Do We Talk about Advanced Search?  Under the umbrella of Advanced Search are a few key terms as you think about the outcomes of robust search functionality. Here is a quick primer on what to know:  Multiple Content Types  In this example, a shopper chooses from any number of content types such as subscription type, a category, a collection, or a blog post related to the keyword. From the array of content displayed from a single keyword the shopper has multiple ways to browse and several paths to purchase.  Faceted Search  Faceted Search allows shoppers to define search terms by choosing from a range of product information.  Shoppers choose from predetermined attributes (such as category, brand, availability, etc.) to find a product with a closer match to their intent.  Source: Algolia  Keyword Discovery  There may be a disconnect between product descriptions and the language shoppers use in the search box. For example, shoppers may be frustrated searching for knives, when the marketing copy may only refer to the term “cutlery”. To make the product more discoverable, the search function may incorporate customer reviews into the related product function on the product and category pages.  End result: shoppers can now find products based on formal descriptions (cutlery), and by language actual customers use in reviews (knives).    Struggling with Your Search Function? Take a Look at How Composable Commerce Can Optimize the Search Process Go to Demo Library Intuitive Search Intuitive Search  gives instant results where the service or product referenced in the shopper’s search language lives.  Given the possible complexity of product information, Intuitive Search cuts down on the time it takes for customers to find exactly what they need and make the purchase.  Top Takeaways to Consider When Implementing Search:  1. Just like the cart, search boxes should be easy to find. With so much revenue riding on search queries, don’t make your customers hunt for the way to start their experience.   2. Put a Search Box (or universally recognized symbol for search like a magnifying glass), on each page of your site. 3. Allow for typos. If a brand name or attribute is misspelled, don’t have the search results return as zero. You will not see that shopper again on your site. Expand your site’s tolerance for spelling errors and alternative spellings.  4. Consider Auto Complete to quickly guide your shoppers to the most relevant results.  5. Use an analytics tool to further identify personas and what your customers want, or inefficiencies in your inventory.  6. Optimize the search function for mobile. With the majority of shopping (and just browsing) happening on mobile devices, the experience must be seamless, or you stand to lose a customer for life.  7. Use Natural Language Processing (NLP) for best search results.   
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