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  • 15 Automation Ideas for Delivering Excellent HR Support - Human resources is the glue that holds together your most valuable asset: your team. And in 2022, HR's greatest ally is tech. According to G2, there are over 21 types of HR software on the market, including apps for employee wellness, employee benefits, and time tracking, to name just a few.
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  • 18 Strategies to Increase Employee Retention - Sometimes employees stay at a company for many years, loving the work they do and feeling like they’re exactly where they’re meant to be. Conversely, some employees leave and pursue other opportunities.
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  • 5 Content Marketing Ideas for March 2021 - Content marketing is the act of publishing articles, videos, and similar to attract, engage, and retain customers and prospects. What follows are five content marketing ideas your business can use in March 2021.
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  • 5 Examples of Truly Unique Company Culture - When I start a job search, a huge factor that notates whether or not I send in an application is a company culture I can see myself contributing to and thriving in. I am totally one of the candidates who won't apply to a company with a negative reputation.
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  • - To improve your team's productivity, reduce turnover rates, and drive increased revenue for your company, it's critical you take the time to focus on your employees' job satisfaction.
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  • 5 Proven Strategies for Decreasing Employee Absenteeism - Employee absenteeism can have a major impact on your company's bottom line -- in fact, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports absenteeism costs U.S. employers $225.8 billion annually, or $1,685 per employee.
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  • 5 Ways iPaaS Tools Can Increase Employee Satisfaction - Look at any business and you will likely see customer care professionals on the frontline. Whether they are in customer service or account management, these people set customers up for success, keep them happy in the long term, and make vital contributions to the business's sustainability.
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  • 7 Secrets to Being a Good (Even Great) Employee - While it can be difficult to define the traits of a good employee, it's easy to describe the perks.
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  • 9 Employee Satisfaction Survey Questions That Will Reveal A Lot - Employee satisfaction is critical for more than just glowing Glassdoor reviews — it can also greatly impact your company's long-term growth.
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  • - An employee handbook is a critical document for setting clear expectations for new employees, providing policies for all employees to follow, and making it easier for you know how to deal with problems with your employees when they arise.
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  • 9 Things to Do When Your SEO Pro Quits - An ecommerce company's search-engine-optimization pro will eventually leave. Here’s what to do next. First, ask her why. Make it clear that you want her feedback to make the program stronger.
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  • A Simple Explanation of Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Employees - There are two types of employees – "exempt" and "non-exempt." You might've seen these terms on job postings, or heard them in conversation.
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  • A worker at Amazon’s New York City fulfillment center is dead from COVID-19 - Earlier this week, Amazon informed staff members at its Staten Island fulfillment center that a worker had died from COVID-19. The news was first noted by The Verge. The employee began to exhibit symptoms in early April, before being placed on quarantine April 11. He never returned to the site. “We are deeply saddened by […]
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  • Absolutely Everything You Need to Know About Paid Time Off (PTO) - From 1976 to 2000, the average working American took off more than 20 days a year.
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  • Approaching 8 Figures with a Single Employee - Ben Arneberg has done some impressive things. He’s jumped out of airplanes for the Air Force, met Jeff Bezos and even done work for the Department of Defense. But what’s perhaps most impressive is how he’s built a near 8-figure business with only one employee. In this episode we discuss the tactics he’s used to [...]
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  • Despite PR storm, Pinduoduo stock and downloads stay robust - Pinduoduo, a rapidly growing Chinese e-commerce company, is weathering its PR storm after the death of an employee sparked criticism against the firm’s grueling working hours. The employee, 21 years old, collapsed on her way home from work on a late night before New Year. The cause of her death has not been disclosed but […]
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  • DoorDash introduces a new corporate product, DoorDash for Work - Delivery service DoorDash is giving employers a way to feed their remote employees through a new suite of products called DoorDash for Work. There are four main products, starting with DashPass for Work, where employers can fund employee memberships to DashPass, a program that eliminates delivery fees on orders from thousands of restaurants. In fact, DoorDash […]
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  • Employee Spotlight: Inside Elastic Path With Rosie Hamilton - Our people are the center of everything we do at Elastic Path. The “Inside Elastic Path” series is designed to give you insight on what it's like the be a part of our team. Get to know Rosie Hamilton, a Senior Software Engineer, who celebrated her one-year work anniversary last month.   Q: Can you describe a usual workday as a Senior Software Engineer? Rosie: Elastic Pathhas several offices across different time zones. Since I live in UK, I start my work day catching up on slack messages and emails from my colleagues in Canada and the U.S. The rest of the day I have sprint meetings to see how far along we are. I am generally working towards building new features, such as a “Green-Field Service,” so I am quite lucky I get to build things out for the first time.   Q: What is typically the highlight of your day or week? Rosie: The highlight is towards the end of the sprint, when we get to the sprint review. The developers come together to show off what we built.   Q: In your current role, is there something you are most proud of? Rosie:    Q: How would you describe the culture at Elastic Path? Rosie: The culture at Elastic Path is friendly, open and supportive. We get the autonomy to do our own work, and we collaborate and ask for help when needed. There are “no stupid questions,” everyone is very helpful; if you are stuck something you can ping someone on slack, everyone is willing to help.   Q: How has your experience been since shifting to remote work? Have you felt supported? RosieI started this job as a remote worker during the pandemic. There have been positives to working remotely, employees reach out on how I am doing every day, and I constantly feel supported at my role at Elastic Path. I hope to go into an office soon, to meet new faces, since I haven't met anyone in my new city yet.   Q: How has Elastic Path supported your learning & development? Rosie: Elastic Path provides an allowance and dedicated learning and development days every year. During the pandemic I got to attend a development conference called GopherCon EU, that was all remote and I got to do that online. In October, I plan to attend GopherCon UK using the rest of my allowance and that event is face-to-face. So, I am hoping to go to that conference in person.   Q: Thinking back, what were the reasons that made you join Elastic Path? What are the reasons you choose to stay? Rosie: One of my former colleagues was working at Elastic Path. I saw a post about an open position and decided to message them and apply. They gave me information when I asked about the open position. The position was primarily developing using the Go programming language, which I am very passionate about. The main reason I chose Elastic Path is the person I knew was able to vouch for the company, indicating the good culture, friendly team and the software they are building is quite exciting.   Q: Tell me about something that motivates you before work or during work? Rosie: Something that motivates me to stay fit and healthy is working out. I work out by doing weightlifting, running, rowing and climbing. I just started doing Brazilian jiu-jitsu, I use my EP Gym and Fitness allowance to pay towards the jiu-jitsu classes, which is really nice, since I enjoy staying active. I like working out before work or during lunch time, I usually get out to do some running. I like being at home because it means I have my stuff here, so I can eat, write, and train from home. Stay tuned for our next “Inside Elastic Path” series. If you are interested joining our team, check out our open listings and apply today.
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  • Employee Spotlight: Janna Brockmeyer - Janna Brockmeyer is a manager of software development and has been a part of our team for over three years. She started her career with us as a software developer and was recently promoted to be a people manager. She is based in Vancouver and in her free time enjoys golfing, fishing and hanging out with her cats. Keep reading to learn more about Janna and what it’s like to be a manager on the engineering team. Q: What are you are most proud of since being promoted? Janna: Since being promoted to a people manager, I have been excited in helping people grow, find new experiences within our team and trying to make sure they are growing, learning, and are challenged every day. I want to make sure the people I work with have a say in what they are developing with our product manager. Q: What is typically the highlight of your day or week? Janna: The highlight of my week is getting to chat with my teammates and find out how they are doing and what they need help. I try to remove whatever impediments they may have and helping them out whenever I can. Q: How would you describe the culture at Elastic Path? Janna: Elastic Path has a collaborative culture. You can ask various team members not only on your own team but other teams or departments for help. Everyone is willing to assist you and answer any questions you might have. Q: How has your experience been since shifting to remote work? Janna: Since switching to remote work, my cats have enjoyed having me home. However, I miss the office, I look forward to going back into the new Vancouver office space and being able to interact with coworkers very soon. Q: How has Elastic Path contributed to your career progression/development?   Q: Thinking back, what were the reasons that made you join Elastic Path? What are the reasons you choose to stay? Janna: The reasons that made me choose Elastic Path was the culture, the people, the atmosphere, the collaborative nature, and the hang outs we have on Wednesday and Fridays. I also wanted to learn about eCommerce. I like learning about the back end of eCommerce and being able to interact with many companies and not being tied to a single company, in which we are trying to put a particular ecommerce store out for. Q: What do you love about Elastic Path? Janna: What I love about Elastic Path is the people and the collaborative nature, you can ask a random question and someone on the team can answer the question or find you the individual who can answer your question. Overall, the people at Elastic Path love to see each other remotely and being able to hang out whenever we can during zoom calls. There is a support system behind everyone in the company.   Stay tuned for our next “Inside Elastic Path” series. If you are interested joining our team, check out our open listings and apply today.
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  • Employee Spotlight: Steve Ramage - Steve Ramage is a Senior Software Architect, who has been a part of the Elastic Path team in Vancouver for almost three years. Steve has a master's degree in computer science, and about 11 years of industry experience. Keep reading to learn what it’s like to be a Senior Software Architect at Elastic Path! Q: What does a Senior Software Architect do? Steve: Senior Software Architects at Elastic Path solve problems using our knowledge across applications, database technologies, and distributed systems so the day to day varies a lot based on where we are needed. Q: What gives you the most satisfaction working at Elastic Path?  Q: In your current role, is there something you are most proud of? Steve: What I am most proud of is our integration of OpenID Connect in Elastic Path Commerce Cloud. My first project at Elastic Path was working on our OpenID Connect integration in Elastic Path Commerce. Later when we acquired Moltin, we needed to support OpenID Connect in Elastic Path Commerce Cloud. There is a saying that “if you learn nothing when building something, what you built was too easy.” But it's not often that you get a second chance to leverage what you learned right away and build something better. Q: How would you describe the culture at Elastic Path? Steve: Elastic Path is a very friendly place to work, with a lot of openness, transparency, and inclusiveness. Q: How has your experience been since shifting to remote work? Have you felt supported? Steve: My experience working remotely has been well supported. Since we are a company that has many employees in different time zones, there is a lot of flexibility in terms of remote working arrangements, and it offered and incredible amount of freedom and work life balance. Q: How has Elastic Path contributed to your career progression/development? Steve: Elastic Path has contributed to my career progression and development in a few ways. One way is that Elastic Path has a generous professional development budget that I have used for training on a number of occasions, such as, Software Architecture, Mongo and Kubernetes. Second, is that the culture here within the teams, are self-organizing and autonomous. We are given latitude to find and develop the best solutions, which often involves learning and exploring new technologies. Q: Thinking back, what were the reasons that made you join Elastic Path? What are the reasons you choose to stay? Steve: I wanted to work at a company that had its technical products as a core part of its business and I wanted to work at a company that had a rich and complex domain as well as tackling problems at scale. Headless API driven commerce ticks both boxes. Q: Tell me about something that motivates you before work or during work? (ie. Music, Exercise, Social breaks etc). Steve: Something that motivates me is being able to go outside during breaks; whether that is before work or if I need a during the middle of the day. I live near a small mountain, so depending on meetings, I try to go out and ride up the mountain during the day. It’s nice to have a break that gives me a chance to meditate on a solution to a problem. Other hobbies I enjoy are, Cycling, Coding, playing Board Games and Reading.   Stay tuned for our next “Inside Elastic Path” series. If you are interested joining our team, check out our open listings and apply today.
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  • Everything You Need To Know About Performance Appraisals - As a manager, your ability to inform your teams about the successful high-impact behaviors they exhibit or skills that need further development is a critical practice in determining your business’ overall ability to reach its goals and find success.
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  • Feds arrest former Amazon employee after company reported him to FBI for fraud - Amazon today disclosed that a former employee has been arrested for committing fraud against the online retailer. The company says it reported Vu Anh Nguyen to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in July 2020 for falsely issuing refunds to himself and his associates for products ordered on Amazon.com. The U.S. Dept. of Justice on Friday […]
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  • Hourly vs. Salary Employees: What's Better for Your Business? - Before hiring the right person for the job, you need to decide how you'll pay them. Two of the most common ways to pay employees is with a salary or an hourly wage.
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  • How Elastic Path Approaches Employee Wellness - Wellness: The state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal. .otro-blockquote{ font-size: 1.2em; width:100%; margin:50px auto; font-family:gilroy; font-style:italic; color: #555555; padding:1.2em 30px 1.2em 75px; border-left:8px solid #ea7317 ; line-height:1.6; position: relative; background:#EDEDED; } .otro-blockquote::before{ font-family:gilroy; content: "\201C"; color:#ea7317; font-size:6.5em; font-weight: 600; position: absolute; left: 2px; top:-20px; } .otro-blockquote::after{ content: ''; } .otro-blockquote span{ display:block; color:#333333; font-style: normal; font-weight: bold; margin-top:1em; } In the past few years there has been a much-needed push within organizations for a more developed action plan around making sure employees mental health and wellness needs are addressed and taken care of – outside of just offering the common health benefits. We here at Elastic Path took the call to action and established our first Employee Resource Group, that would in part focus mainly on Wellness. We established a group of individuals from all business segments, to run our Wellness Employee Resource Group with the assistance of a few individuals from HR and our executive sponsor, Tara Collins (VP of People & Culture). Our Purpose and Vision: To hold a space for our employees to have safe dialogue on mental health and wellness, access a pool of resources, become a support network for one another, and be part of the greater commitment from Elastic Path around ongoing learning. Through bi-monthly newsletters, a wellness slack channel where we share daily tips or ideas as well as workshops, we hope to help our fellow EP’ers find better ways to harness their wellbeing and create more avenues for open dialogue around what can at times be seen as uncomfortable or more vulnerable conversations. Some of the Topics Elastic Path Focuses on: Learning to answer how are you, with more than "fine" Mental health - Stopping the stigma around mental health - lets talk about it! Learning to control your thoughts Ideas on how to take screen breaks - yes, even during the workday! Creating an ergonomic workspace Financial wellness Sleep wellness The importance of using your PTO and how to best prepare for your out of office Post Covid-19 social anxiety   We decided to take the step further, with implementing a Wellness Day off for the entire company to shut down and focus on themselves as well – we shared ideas for activities, and helped those around us get excited for a completely unplugged day off. On July 23rd, we all turned off our monitors, muted Slack and collectively as a company took the day off. Yes, even our CEO, Jamus Driscoll. In many cases people took the day, to fully realize that perhaps they had been neglecting to take care of themselves and set up motion to be better mindful to take time out of each day, to focus on themselves. Many of us took to nature, to unwind our minds, or simply hung out with our families. We all returned the following Monday, well rested, recharged, and ready to hit the ground running and with a better overall sense, that yes, our company cares about us. We hope to better iterate off already in place initiatives and continue to create exciting and fulfilling resources for our employees to maintain a healthy wellbeing. If you focus on just merely the output and dollar association of each employee, vs. their overall health, that formula will fail. What are the Benefits of Wellness Programs? Community: Showing your employees that you care about their wellbeing builds a sense of community withing your organization. Even in a virtual era, a Wellness Program is a great way to connect employees with one another. The cost associated with launching a program can also be minimal to none. With most of the work being able to be put on by internal tools, you can launch your own Wellness Program without the fear of resource limitations. Retention: Employees that feel valued by their company, tend to stay longer than those who do not. Increased Productivity: Studies show that we all perform better when we are in better health. Better alertness, energy, and stamina, which all lead to higher results in levels to productivity. Reducing Overall Health Issues: Creating resources around helping those we work with build healthier lifestyles can help everyone avoid elevated health risks. Increased Recruitment: With so many companies these days offering a slew of benefits to candidates, you want to stand out. Make sure to highlight your company’s offerings in order to attract top talent: free gym, covered insurance, ERG’s, rolling more counseling sessions into benefits, etc. I urge all organizations, to continue to push for Wellness initiatives, continue to have open conversations and listen to those around you. When we are our best selves, is when we can all see greatness and success. We are all more than our titles – a company is more than its profits – we are a collective whole moving together to create positive change in our fields. Your employee’s wellness is directly tied to achievement.
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  • How Many Hours Is Full-Time vs. Part-Time - In high school, I worked for Winfrey's Candy Store. I worked three hours a night, on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.
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  • How to Conduct an Exit Interview: 7 Top Questions [Form Template] - To determine what causes employees to leave — and to create a better, happier employee experience moving forward — it's critical you conduct productive exit interviews.
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  • How to Fire Someone: A Step-by-Step Guide to Letting an Employee Go - To terminate is to bring to an end. And if you've ever had to figure out how to terminate an employee, you know things don’t get much harder or sadder. Most managers dread this part of the job more than any other. And frankly, you should feel a little dread when parting ways with an employee -- it's what makes you human. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to ensure the conversation goes smoothly.
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  • Indian travel and hotel booking firm Ixigo cuts salary of every employee over coronavirus - Ixigo, a 13-year-old travel and hotel booking service in India, said on Monday it is cutting the salary of its entire staff as the firm grapples with severe disruption in its business due to the coronavirus outbreak that has pushed New Delhi to issue a nationwide lockdown. Aloke Bajpai, co-founder and chief executive of Ixigo, […]
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  • Inside Elastic Path: A Look at 2021 - 2021 was a year of tremendous growth for our organization. A few highlights include launching new product offerings, celebrating triple digit revenue growth for our modern SaaS ecommerce offering, hiring 46 people, releasing 70+ product updates, recognizing 31 individuals with promotions, onboarding 40+ new partners, launching new wellness initiatives, and so much more. 2021 was also another year of navigating COVID in the workplace and in our homes. We re-opened our offices globally and closed our offices. We held in-person gatherings and continued virtual events. We learned alongside each other on what it’s like to work fully remote and what it’s like to work in a hybrid environment. Through our learnings, we identified there will be people who would like to remain virtual for the foreseeable future, and there were people who would like to have a hybrid experience. 2021 was the year we launched programs to support both of these scenarios with our Work Mode Stipend program. And we formed a cross functional committee focused on asynchronous work to develop best practices to support collaboration in this new way of working. I started this post by highlighting key growth metrics, and while I could write a blog post on each one, I am going to focus on our people. Our people are at the center of everything we do, and without them, none of the other growth metrics would have been attainable. 2021 Elastic Path Employee Experience With the launch of our Wellness Employee Resource Group (ERG), we saw monthly employee newsletters, new programming to support our people and their families, and a company-wide Wellness Day. Our Wellness ERG brought in an external speaker to talk about mental health, coordinated a company-wide Movember fundraising event, and got us moving during our first company-wide steps challenge. We were proud to launch a new parental leave program supporting primary and secondary caregivers paid time off to bond with their new child/children. All eligible employees (both primary and secondary caregivers) now receive 6 weeks fully paid leave, with the primary birthing parent receiving an additional 6 weeks fully paid. Supporting our people’s professional development has always been a focal point of our employee experience. In 2021, we invested over $30k in professional development activities for our people including online courses, professional coaching, and certifications. Every employee has a Role Charter, and while the Role Charter itself was not new in 2021, we did add a specific callout for professional development to encourage all of our people to take advantage of this benefit. Role Charters are designed to showcase each person’s role and key areas of responsibility in context of team and organizational goals. We could not be more proud of the 31 individuals who were promoted this year. Creating an environment for our people’s careers to flourish is critical to the success of our business. In addition to the professional development program for all employees, we launched a People Leadership Training Program to all people managers. This program covered topics ranging from psychological safety to continuous feedback to conducting effective one-on-one meetings.   Interested in Elastic Path Career Opportunities? Take the next step in your career, discover an amazing network of people from around the globe, and make an impact. Join the Elastic Path team. View Job Openings Communication is critical to any organization, but especially a high growth organization such as ours. While we continued programs to deliver information to our people, such as our monthly all hands meeting, we also spent more time listening. We launched pulse surveys throughout the year to check in with our team and we launched a listening tour with our CEO, Jamus Driscoll. Jamus opened his virtual door and met with small groups to hear what was on their mind with a specific focus on our vision for the company. Listening is a crucial, and often overlooked, element of communication, and as we look ahead, I am eager to continue to evolve how we listen at a macro level. So as I end this ode to 2021, I would like to thank each and every person in the Elastic Path ecosystem – across our amazing global team of employees, partners, and customers. We were able to accomplish big goals, pivot when COVID changed our plans, and continued to drive an even better employee experience. Here’s to an even bigger 2022, together.
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  • Need good employees? Be a good employer - Hiring and managing employees is among the most challenging tasks of business owners. An employee-employer relationship is much different than a social one. You'll spend many hours a day together. But employers should never forget that the relationship is about business.
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  • - Service providers who use emoticons are perceived as warmer, but less competent, according to a new research paper, which offers sage advice for retail brands engaging with consumers across digital platforms.
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  • The 5 Best Retail Interview Questions and Answers - Hiring for a retail store isn't easy.
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  • The 7 Fastest Ways Leaders Kill Company Cultures Without Realizing It - Culture is critical for your business's long-term growth and profitability.
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  • - Workplace culture and strong internal relationships are undeniably critical for your company's long-term success. Focusing your efforts on cultivating good relationships between employers and employees can help your Human Resources department mitigate conflict, build trust between team members, and decrease turnover rates.
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  • The Ultimate Guide to Company Culture - Nowadays, we hear about a company's culture a lot — including perks like free beer, ping-pong tables, and fitness classes at the office.
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  • The Ultimate Guide to Human Resources - When I initially applied for my role at HubSpot, I was immediately blown away by the hiring manager I was working with. She was professional, incredibly informative, and experienced. She had the answer to every question I had about the company, the role I was being interviewed for, and HubSpot’s culture. From the first point of contact with this HubSpot employee and throughout my onboarding process, she was the prime example of what I believed a person in human resources should be. Even now, she checks in with me to ask how I’m doing and how my job is going when I see her around the office.
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  • The Ultimate Guide to Managing Remote Marketing Teams - Behind many great teams are great managers.
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  • The Ultimate Guide to Telecommuting - Remote workers. Mobile professionals. Digital nomads. Road warriors. Call them what you will, but telecommuters are driving the future of work.
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  • The Ultimate Guide to Wellness at Work - There's a lot of buzz around "workplace wellness" in the HR industry recently, and for good reason.
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  • US charges California man over Shopify data breach - A grand jury has indicted a California resident accused of stealing Shopify customer data on over a hundred merchants, TechCrunch has learned. The indictment charges Tassilo Heinrich with aggravated identity theft and conspiracy to commit wire fraud by allegedly working with two Shopify customer support agents to steal merchant and customer data from Shopify customers […]
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  • What Happens When a Former Tesla Employee Decides to Solve Bad Hangovers? - In this episode of Shopify Masters, you’ll learn how a former Tesla employee discovered a business idea during a trip to South Korea, quickly launched a simple landing page, and then went back to design a real brand after validating demand. Sisun is the founder of Morning Recovery: a science-backed, breakthrough hangover drink that helps counter the negative effects of alcohol.More
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  • What I look for in an employee - What should you look for in an ecommerce employee? In this post, I’ll describe my hiring process. To start, I list job duties. Then I list skill requirements in two columns:
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  • What to Do When an Employee Leaves - Employees quit. It is a reality of every business. Large companies with dedicated human resource teams have a process or checklist they follow when someone decides to leave. But small and mid-sized firms may not have a plan in place.
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  • Why Millions of U.S. Employees are Quitting Their Jobs and How Companies Can Navigate - The past two years have been anything but consistent.
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  • Why Playing Games at Work Could Increase Productivity and Employee Satisfaction - Consider this — you're trying to add the final slides to an important presentation, but you can't seem to finish. Secretly, you want a change of scenery. You either want to pull up a game of solitaire on your laptop, or play Words With Friends on your phone.
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  • Why the Peter Principle Will Doom Your Business (& How to Fight It) - Let’s say you’ve been managing an extraordinarily competent employee for over a year now. As a marketing associate, she always follows the correct procedures, takes ownership over , and works incredibly well with clients.
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  • Workers sent home after Amazon warehouse employee tests positive for COVID-19 - It was, it seems, only a matter of time before something like this happened. As we noted in yesterday’s FreshDirect story, not everyone has the ability of being able to shelter in place during the spread of COVID-19. In fact, the more of us who stay put, the more strain we’re going to put on […]
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