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  • 'He Is a Champion of Women' Says This Female CEO of a Digital Retailer About Her Mentor and Co-Founder - As co-founder and CEO of Orchard Mile, Jennie Baik wants to change the way we shop in the digital age. And her co-founder and close advisor, Morty Singer, helps her separate the big issues from the tiny hurdles.
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  • 12 Incredible Answers to - So, you’ve finally got your foot in the door at your dream company. You’ve submitted the perfect resume and made a lasting impression during the phone screen. All there’s left to do now is to win over the hiring manager in the face-to-face interview.
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  • 5 Ecommerce Secrets the 'Experts' Aren't Willing to Share With You - Many consider these five ecommerce secrets too valuable to share with just anybody.
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  • 5 Things I Learned About Product (and People) Management This Year - This last year has been a blur. At the start of 2016 I was working in Product Management at Twitter, and then I moved to the other side of the world to work at Atlassian in Sydney, Australia. Despite the massive geographic and timezone change, I've learned a lot from both places about being a better product manager.
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  • A Data Studio Template to Automate Ecommerce KPIs - Automating key performance indicators streamlines data collection and enables real-time reporting. Collecting and reporting from multiple data sources is possible in Google Data Studio, an excellent platform. To help, I've created a free Data Studio template that you can use for your business. I'll explain the template in this post.
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  • Amid Facebook Ad Turmoil, Supply.co Retrenches - Patrick Coddou is a direct-to-consumer pioneer, having launched Supply.co in 2015. The company designs, manufactures, and sells premium shaving products — all to great success. Until April 2021. That's when Apple launched iOS 14.5, upending Facebook's ability to hyper-target ads. Coddou's company relied on sales from those ads.
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  • Banned by Google Ads, SpyGuy.com Ponders Alternative Channels - Ecommerce entrepreneurs understand the need for multiple revenue channels.  Relying exclusively on, say, Facebook or Amazon or Google can lead to disruptions. And that's what happened to Allen Walton's company, which depends on Google Ads for most of its traffic and revenue.
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  • Canada-based Entrepreneur Scales to 15 Websites, 30 Remote Employees - Ronnie Teja immigrated to Vancouver, Canada in 2008.  He was 22. Fast-forward to 2020, and he owns and operates a thriving ecommerce company that sells watches and related accessories. I recently spoke with him about launching his company, acquiring sites, and the challenges of managing it remotely.
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  • Casual Observations on Social e-Commerce - While my purchases via social media are limited in scope, I’m fascinated and admittedly a bit hooked on what’s new on these apps for sale. I’ve spent more than a few hours scrolling when my intent was to unwind and shut off screen time. Oh well. There are worse habits I’m sure… I’m not surprised to learn that in the last two years, social media traffic has increased 100% to online stores, or that about 70% of consumers search social media for potential buys. With so much time spent on sites like Instagram and Facebook documenting and sharing our lives, it makes sense to turn to those same platforms to inform our buying decisions. The existence of influencers on these apps further drives that purchase when I’m ready to live my best life in that handmade sterling silver earring and bracelet set, frolicking on the beach, with not a care in the world. As I peruse social media for the next thing I must have, I’ve noticed a few app’s best practices catch my eye, and keep my cart full.   Instagram Envy: The effects of a global pandemic forced people to shop and sell their wares in new ways. Instagram invested heavily in the new social marketplace and I’m here for it. The effortless, and downright gorgeous layout in-app makes it easy to search my favorite brands and what the latest makers have on deck. I scroll the top navigation bar for more shops, live feed, tutorials or collections, and one of my favorite tabs the “Drops” – where I find the latest and greatest in the brands I follow, complete with a Get Reminder date for when the drop is official. Do I really need what’s coming this fall from the casual cool of Adidas loungewear? The answer is no, but oh how I love to look. In my cart the now? A sample collection of original greeting card designs and handmade enamel pins from a small stationery company. I love to send hand-written cards for all occasions to the people in my life, and in a past life I was once a greeting card writer. (No, writing them is actually not that easy.) Checkout is pretty streamlined with a variety of credit card and a few secure mobile payment options – and just like that, within a matter of days I’ve got a cheery addition to my greeting card library. Plus, I’m supporting a small business. All good things in my book. As I was scrolling the other night, I noticed an alternative use of the story stickers that typically drive sales to a featured product. Within this celeb’s story, it was used as an in-story link for a charity donation. Yes! I will donate to the charity ride. And thank you for asking!   TikTok Shopping Madness: I’m relatively new to TikTok and its frantic pace, but I admit it’s growing on me. I find I can’t resist live video of a cat dressed in a chef’s hat baking a pie, while Louie Prima’s rendition of “Pennies From Heaven” coos in the background. Incredibly endearing, addictive, and worth a follow. The app opened the commerce floodgates recently, an endeavor 18 months in the making. It’s relatively new to market, but in a recent Yahoo article the company reports a descriptor of what the new capabilities offer: “With product links, brands can feature one or more products directly from organic TikTok videos and direct users to product pages. Live shopping offers real-time demos or live streamed product showcases with concurrent links to buy products and services. Collection ads allow brands to add custom, swipe-able product cards to in-feed video ads, while dynamic showcase ads can serve personalized, targeted ads based on users’ interests”. If the experience is anything like their 1 billion-strong mix of eclectic users and influencers, it will be worth the ride. Bring on the baking cats. Pinterest: The Matron or Social e-Commerce: She’s got style, she’s got class. Pinterest is the place for people who love to curate, browse, and enjoy collaborating with other good taste makers. The setup is flawless. I’ve chased down many a handbag or a duvet cover I spotted in-store to comparison shop on the app. While it can sometimes be frustrating to click on a new favorite only to find it out of stock, the app does a thorough job of filling your feed with alternate items. Because I follow several food/entertaining boards, related content is pushed to my shopping page, so I won’t miss a recipe or reason to celebrate around the table. Not to mention the pleasure I get creating fantasy boards of dreamy Italian vacations, and shiny new Airstreams just begging for a national park tour. Social e-Commerce is here to stay in sweeping ways: Social e-commerce sales rise year after year as a whopping 3 billion people flock to social media. As people seek out more personal shopping experiences, social e-commerce provides an open space where big brands and small proprietors alike can create and market to those exact experiences – much to the growth of their bottom line and influencer status.  
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  • Elastic Path Insider: Meet the Customer Success Team - Meet our customer success team! Small but mighty, the group consists of four people (you'll meet them soon). Each team member is a master of our two products, Elastic Path Commerce and Elastic Path Commerce Cloud, and work with our customers to guarantee they get expert guidance and support throughout onboarding, implementation and onward. The team's overarching goal is to ensure we’re partnering with our customers to meet their goals, so they can focus on launching and continuously optimizing unique digital commerce experiences for their customers. To get better insight, we sat down with the team and asked a series of questions to get to know them, their role, and an idea of what life is like on the Customer Success team at Elastic Path. Let's go meet the team! Q: What's the first thing you would want a customer to know about working with Elastic Path? Q: How long have you been working in the eCommerce Industry? Rachel: I’ve been working in eCommerce and retail my entire career. I started off as an eCommerce buyer and have worked for various eCommerce SAAS companies like Truefit and NewStore. Christine: I have been working in the eCommerce Industry for seven years. After I had my first daughter, I decided I wanted to change career paths and started working as a Customer Success Manager for an online t-shirt company and then a beauty subscription company. I’ve loved my experience within the eCommerce space and that’s what brought me to Elastic Path. Vanessa: I have been working in the eCommerce industry for about seven years now. My experience really runs the gamete, I’ve worked within the furniture and wellness industries and also for a PIM provider. All of this experience enables me to better our own customer’s experience. Esme: I've spent my entire career in eCommerce, starting off at online retailer Rue La La. Since then, I've worked for several other brands and have become very passionate about eCommerce. My love for eCommerce sparked my interest in joining Elastic Path. I'm thrilled to be able to continue in this field and support brands in achieving their eCommerce goals.   Q: What does your role entail? Rachel: I’m responsible for delivering the best customer experience and products for our customers and help them deliver the best technology experience to their customers.  Christine: My responsibility is to ensure our customers are successful. I nurture my customer relationships, making sure everything runs smoothing during their onboarding, overseeing and supporting their launch and then continuing to make them feel supported once they have gone live. Vanessa: My role involves a lot of relationship building. I serve as a conduit between the customers and our internal team. I really enjoy working cross functionally and ensuring that I am the voice of the customer. Esme: My role is always evolving to meet the needs of our customers. In this new remote world, a lot of my day-to-day is spent on zoom calls, spending time building relationships with our customer base. It’s important to me to learn their story, what they hope to get out of the platform so I can support them in achieving their goals. Our customers have a mix of wants and needs. Some customers are independent and request a monthly cadence, while other customers are hands-on and want day-to-day or weekly support. Each day I’m working to make sure our customers feel understood and supported.   Q: What is your favorite part about working with our customers? Rachel: Helping our customers achieve their digital strategies. They come to us with complex problems and thoughts and don’t know yet how they will achieve them. We work closely to roadmap and workshop ideas and figure out a way to solve things together. I like to think we’re an extension of our customers teams and it’s really the highlight of being in Customer Success to see that come together.   Christine: Interacting with them and finding out what motivates them and understanding their KPIs to make sure we can all grow together. Vanessa: One of my favorite aspects of my job is being the voice of the customer internally. I love when I have built a relationship enough where I can serve as an extension of their team within Elastic Path and advocate for their wants and needs. Esme: Our customers are so inviting and friendly, and that really makes me enjoy coming to work each day. eCommerce is an exciting space, and I love to see the excitement and eagerness our customers bring when they are first kicking off a project. It’s a pleasure to be able to guide them to create their unique vision.   Q: How does the team measure customer success? Rachel: It’s shared success. Thinking about what our customers need, what are their goals from pie in the sky to super detailed goals and how do we help them achieve that with what we have today, what’s on the roadmap and making sure our customers can use our platform with ease.   Christine: Having frictionless renewals and high customer satisfaction. Vanessa: We measure customer success by limiting churn and solidifying renewals. On a more emotional level, we also gauge success through how we collaborate with our customers and their overall satisfaction. Satisfaction can come from ensuring alignment with customer teams on roadmap, product enhancements, meeting timelines and more. Esme: We’re successful when our customer is successful. To me a lot of that is measured by meeting their goals. One thing that I have found in supporting our customers is introducing them to other customers. Together they can share best practices, discuss how they use the platform and build relationships. My goal is to build a partnership.   Q: How does the team measure customer success? Q: What does a typical customer engagement/cadence look like? Rachel: We often meet with our customers on a weekly basis to catch what’s going on, open projects other types of calls where we’ll bring in other members of the team to workshop roadmaps, talk about their requirements, work on the future of the product. We think of our customers as co-authors so we often have meetings to bring them into our products.   Q: How do customers familiarize themselves with the product? Rachel: Through The Learning Center, it's a great place to get started with their onboarding. I also highly recommend that they leverage it as a resource throughout our partnership. We’re always publishing easily digestible short form courses and other learning experiences.
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  • Everything I’ve Learned About Podcasting as HubSpot’s Podcast Marketer - Have you ever noticed how quickly things can change? A new product or service revolutionizes an industry overnight, and it becomes hard to imagine life before it. Who remembers T9 now that talk-to-text is so mainstream? Is anyone still holding onto the number for a reliable taxi service? Or, do we rely on our Uber and Lyft apps instead?
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  • Form Nutrition Finds Opportunity in a Crowded Market - Is there a more competitive consumer market than nutritional supplements? I asked that question to Damian Soong, the co-founder of Form Nutrition, a maker and seller of plant-based proteins and food products, which launched in 2017. "Certainly it was a crowded space," he told me. "But the sellers were all doing the same thing."
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  • Happiness, not Profit, Drives Grasshopper Founder - Having sold Grasshopper, the virtual phone service, for $175 million in 2015, David Hauser assessed his priorities. Grasshopper was his third launch and exit, following ReturnPath (email services) and Chargify (subscription management).
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  • How One Instagram Influencer Built Her Brand and Attracted 40K Followers - This article was written in the first person by Rafaella Aguiar, Director of Marketing at Kicksta, following an interview with Erin Marie.
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  • How to Buy Business Software, According to HubSpot's Learning & Development Manager - This post is a part of Made @ HubSpot, an internal thought leadership series through which we extract lessons from experiments conducted by our very own HubSpotters. As someone who manages HubSpot's learning technology, I've gone about buying software the wrong way at times. I've pushed ahead without the right technical partners, I've missed a contract auto-renewal deadline, and I've rolled out changes to my team without empathy for how it might affect their day-to-day.
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  • Hyve Founder: Bacteria Is Helpful for Home Cleaning - Shreya Patel is a biologist and healthcare administrator who seeks to change how folks clean their homes. Products that kill bacteria do more harm than good, she says. And that's why she launched Hyve, a direct-to-consumer seller of household cleaning goods.
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  • Is Jumia Stock Extremely Undervalued? - There's a rising consensus that Jumia stock is extremely undervalued. For example, popular short-seller Citron Research recently flipped its rating on Jumia.
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  • Lessons from 16 Years in Ecommerce - Christopher Dobroth has worked in ecommerce since 2006. He's held management and operational positions across many industries. Here are his three lessons for success.
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  • Magento Q&A: Sherrie Rohde - The Magento Community Manager and mental health advocate talks about the increasing problem of “burnout” in tech—and what we can do about it.
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  • MarketerHire Exec on Freelancers, Content, SEO - Tracey Wallace is a writer turned content marketer turned SEO pro. She was the head of BigCommerce's content team and now serves a similar role for MarketerHire, a marketplace for freelance marketers, which launched in 2019.
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  • Overdraft: How One Founder Is Changing Lives—Including Her Own—Through a $500 Start-up - For years, Jenn Harper battled addiction and was once on the brink of losing everything. Then, she rebuilt her life, focusing her energy on creating Cheekbone Beauty—a sustainable brand that gives back to her Indigenous community. Here, Jenn explains how she overcame alcoholism, generational trauma, and the challenges of starting her business with just $500.More
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  • - We’re back! In this episode, Drew talks about where he has been the past 7 months, and 3 things listeners can expect from upcoming episodes of the podcast. Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher EXCLUSIVE RESOURCE: Prefer to read rather than listen? the text transcribe from this episode. Highlights A little look at where I’ve been the past […]
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  • - In this episode, Drew shares his favorite resources and private equity investment contacts. Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher EXCLUSIVE RESOURCE: Prefer to read rather than listen? the text transcribe from this episode. Highlights A few names to file away and pull-out when you’re looking to sell Links / Resources Brian Colton, Brooklyn-Equity Carson Biederman, Digital Fuel Capital […]
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  • Product Photography, Part 15: Crafting an Image Start to Finish - Throughout this series, I've explained how to shoot and edit product products that appeal to shoppers and drive conversions. This final installment is a wrap-up, applying all of the concepts I've addressed to a single image using only my iPhone and three editing tools.
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  • - Let’s skip the niceties. The world is in bad shape right now. With staggering levels of unemployment across the globe and health systems that are groaning under the weight of the health crisis, it’s understandable to feel that things are very, very bleak.  And if we’re lucky enough not to […]
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  • Software Exec Shifts to Bicycle Components, and Thrives - Brian De Groodt launched Dispatch Custom Cycling Components in 2018 after a long career in enterprise software. The company sells bicycle headset caps, which sit atop the stem connecting handlebars to the frame. Customers can customize the caps, adding uniqueness to their bikes.
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  • The Art of Friendship for Entrepreneurs - If you’re running a business, you undoubtedly have a million and one things vying for your time: family, health, religion, your business, and your friends. What most often gets pushed aside are friendships, which is especially true for entrepreneurs who tend to jam-pack their lives with as much as they can possibly fit in it—and […]
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  • The Co-Founder of Orchard Mile Shares How She Handles Investor Rejection, Manages Startup Hype and Deals With Doubt - Jennie Baik opens up about what she's built and the lessons she's learned along the way.
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  • The Micro Ambassador Program That Grew Revenue 6x in One Year - With all the buzz about influencer marketing, it's easy to forget that many of your customers have their own online presence and a network they can influence. On today's episode of Shopify Masters, we invite an entrepreneur to share how she grew her business by creating a micro-ambassador program for her best customers to become her influencers. More
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  • What I’ve Learned about Ecommerce Platforms - Contributor Christopher Dobroth has spent 16 years in ecommerce. He has used many ecommerce platforms. Here's what he's learned to date.
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  • What a Swarm of Honey Bees Taught Me About Virtual Reality - You know, I'm beginning to think that the key to virtual reality's success might not be getting into the hands of as many consumers as quickly as possible.
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  • Why VC funding is falling out of favor with top D2C brands - Venture capital, from my vantage point, has lost its sheen for a lot of product-based brands. They’re not destitute and desperate for financing.
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  • eCommerceFuel Founder on Work-Life Balance, Priorities - Andrew Youderian is the founder and CEO of eCommerceFuel, a leading online community of established store owners. He oversees a diverse team and manages a growing business with worldwide members. Surely, one would think, he works long hours with little downtime.
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  • ‘Modern Wisdom’ Is a Media Sensation - Chris Williamson is a modern-day polymath with a fitting podcast. It's called "Modern Wisdom." Launched in 2018, it has experienced a whopping 30 million downloads across 400 episodes. He told me, "We talk about human nature, marketing, philosophy, life, life hacks, biohacking, fitness, health, pretty much everything."
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