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  • 50,000 SKUs Later, Here Are the Lessons We’ve Learned About B2B Ecommerce - Over the past 30 years, our company has served thousands of retailers. But, to grow our business, it became more…
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  • Affirm spinout Resolve raises $60M for its B2B ‘buy now, pay later’ platform - Buy now, pay later is everywhere these days, mostly focused on the consumer. Resolve — a San Francisco-based startup in the space specializing in “buy now, pay later” capabilities for B2B transactions — announced today that it has raised $60 million in funding. Initialized Capital led the round — the company’s first funding since its […]
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  • AliExpress customers in Europe can pay later - Starting today, AliExpress customers in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Finland can choose when and how they want to pay for their goods. This is the result of a partnership between Klarna and AliExpress’ payment service provider Adyen. Swedish payment service provider Klarna, Dutch payments company Adyen and Alibaba’s payments… Continue reading
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  • Amazon confirms Prime Day delay in US, will run Prime Day in India on Aug 6-7 - Amazon’s annual sales holiday, Prime Day, has typically been a global event — one so big, it often crashes the Amazon retail website. This year, however, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the retailer’s plans. Today, Amazon officially confirmed reports that it will delay Prime Day in the U.S. until sometime later this year. It will […]
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  • Amazon is killing off the Dash button later this month - The idea seemed simple: If you find yourself regularly ordering the same thing from Amazon — coffee, laundry detergent, whatever — why not replace the whole ordering process with a button you put somewhere in your house? Push a button, get a thing. And from that, Amazon’s Dash button was born. Announced one day before […]
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  • Aplazo takes in $27M to increase adoption of BNPL in Mexico - Since its seed round, Aplazo grew its total processing volume more than eight times and in less than a year has partnered with over 1,000 merchants.
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  • Apple announces ‘Tap to Pay’ feature that will allow iPhones to accept contactless payments - Apple has announced plans to introduce a new Tap to Pay feature for iPhone that turns the device into a contactless payment terminal. The company says that later this year, U.S. merchants will be able to accept Apple Pay and other contactless payments, including Google Pay, by using an iPhone and a partner-enabled iOS app. […]
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  • April: ecommerce events in Europe - Spring is here! It’s April and while physically visiting ecommerce events is still not an option, there are still a few interesting ones you can visit online. Let’s have a look at what’s possible this month. April 14-15: eCommerce Conference eCommerce Conference is a Greek ecommerce event that will return… Continue reading
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  • Does Buy Now, Pay Later Threaten Credit Card Issuers? - Capital One recently announced that it will ban the use of its credit cards to fund buy-now-pay-later transactions. According to a Capital One spokesperson, BNPL transactions “can be risky for customers and the banks that serve them.” In this article, I will examine Capital One’s claim.
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  • Everything You Need to Know About Buy Now, Pay Later - The yearly increase in demand for online shopping has meant alternate payment methods like buy now, pay later(BNPL) has continued to gain momentum. Accelerated by the COVID pandemic, the adoption & use  is more widespread than ever, delivering tangible business benefits to vendors and shoppers. These deferred payment types allow customers to keep shopping as they normally would during uncertain economic times or facilitate making larger purchases that they might not otherwise be able to afford by paying them off over time.  In this post, we'll explore what buy now, pay later is, how it works, and why you (and your customers) might want to take advantage of its benefits. What Is Buy Now, Pay Later? (BNPL) Buy now, pay later payment options are a form of installment loan. With this payment type, a shopper's purchase is broken up into equal installments, the first of which is due at the time of sale. The rest of the amount is then charged to their debit or credit card at a set rate, such as every two weeks or every month until the total amount is paid. These buy now, pay later plans allow shoppers to receive their purchase immediately while splitting the cost into installment payments rather than paying all at once. This can be a huge help to buyers struggling to make ends meet in a down economy or to consumers who are eager to make a large purchase but don’t have all the funds they need at the moment. However, while the trend to buy first and pay over time with deferred payments, like BNPL arrangements, is definitely growing, it's important to consider how this payment setup will affect your cash flow and point-of-sale operations overall.  Next up, we’ll dive deeper into how buy now, pay later works, and what types of BNPL programs are available.  How Does Buy Now, Pay Later Work? Certain providers may offer plans that come without any interest or fees, while some plans may include both. Many buy now, pay later companies only need a soft credit inquiry to approve a purchase, which doesn't have a negative effect on a customer's credit rating and can make the process of using BNPL less intimidating. On the other hand, some require a hard pull of a consumer's credit report, which can result in a slight, temporary credit score dip and may make a customer think twice about buying their items.  Buy Now, Pay Later Pros And Cons Buy now, pay later payment methods have a lot to offer to both consumers and merchants, but it's not all sunshine and rainbows. While cash-strapped shoppers can still make purchases in lean times, offering BNPL options can be costly to merchants. Many popular BNPL companies charge fees ranging from 2-6%, on top of other existing costs such as credit card processing fees. Over time, these costs can really add up and cause merchants to doubt whether offering a buy now, pay later program is really the best option.  Below, we'll examine not only these considerations but a full range of pros and cons of starting or continuing a buy now, pay later program.  Pros of Buy Now, Pay Later Fast Rollout and Easy Approval: Buy now, pay later programs are relatively easy to set up and can be implemented quickly, both for brick-and-mortar locations and eCommerce stores. Merchant approval is also usually fast, so you won't have to wade through endless paperwork or invasive info-gathering from your service provider.   Boosted Sales: This can be a great way to increase sales figures by allowing people to buy things they otherwise may not be able to afford. Having these options available is particularly useful when the economy isn't doing so well, and people tend to go for payment deferment or credit deals.   Higher Purchase Amounts: Consumers are more likely to buy more when they can pay in installments, as opposed to paying the full amount upfront. This can be a great way to increase your average order value and boost sales overall.    Interest-Free Options: If a shopper takes advantage of the interest-free options offered by some buy now, pay later providers and pays off their balance on time, buy now, pay later can actually put them ahead financially by helping them save money when they need it while avoiding extra fees by paying it off on time.  This creates goodwill between you and your buyers, making it more likely that they'll visit again, buy more, and potentially even use your buy now, pay later program again.    Convenient and Easy to Set Up: We all love the convenience of apps, and thankfully, many buy now, pay later providers have built-in apps to help customers find deals and manage their payments. The fact that they don't require separate applications or additional processing times makes them almost as easy to use as entering a credit card number. This simplicity makes it a no-brainer for many consumers to take advantage of BNPL offers, creating more opportunities for them to shop with your brand.   Cons of Buy Now, Pay Later Higher Payment Processing Costs: As mentioned earlier, BNPL programs are associated with higher costs to merchants, typically between 2-6% of the purchase value in addition to standard credit card processing fees. These additional costs can eat into profit margins and water down the benefits of higher sales and overall larger purchases that buy now, pay later options can create.    Risk of Default: Buy now, pay later programs are essentially loans that customers take out, and even the most well-intentioned consumers can sometimes default. This can end with the merchant being left "holding the bag" for a customer that now can't afford to pay them back for the purchases they made.    Late Fees: If customers forget to make a payment or don't have sufficient funds in their linked bank account, they're likely to run up against a late fee. While these tend to be reasonable flat-rate fees similar to those charged by credit card companies, they can add up over time and create a feeling of "buyer's remorse" for your customers.   High Interest Rates: BNPL apps sometimes come with interest-free agreements, but only for a limited time. Other apps charge interest regardless. In either case, if a buy now, pay later provider charges interest, either with or without an interest-free period, those interest rates have a tendency to be even higher than credit card interest rates, which can make it harder for consumers to pay off their purchase and actually make them less likely to do so over time.  Want to learn more about Composable Commerce Essentials? Explore Composable Commerce here Types of Buy Now, Pay Later Loans Overall, there are two types of BNPL loan types: loans with interest and loans without. Let's take a look at how they both work and which one is likely to be a better deal for merchants or their customers. Loans With Interest These in-the-moment loans give the consumer the opportunity to make their purchase right away, with interest rates comparable to those of a credit card. These providers will sometimes offer interest-free periods similar to promotional rates on new credit cards in order to entice new buyers to "take the plunge." Interest-Free Loans While these types of loans might seem too good to be true for a consumer, they're the opposite for a merchant. With these types of loans, the merchant pays a fee to the third-party lending company rather than the consumer paying interest on the loan, essentially paying for the privilege of giving their customers the option to use a buy now, pay later service. Generally, both buy now, pay later loan types will have a fixed repayment timeline. For example, if a customer is interested in an item that comes with a no-interest four-part installment plan on a $1,000 purchase price, they'll pay $250 a month for four months, starting at the time of sale. These timelines usually have fees and deferred interest charges attached to them if a customer is late for or misses a payment, creating incentives for consumers to make their allotted payments on time and in full.  Differences Between Third-Party and Credit Card BNPL Offers The form of buy now, pay later offered by credit card companies works a little differently than third-party point-of-sale financing, such as through an app. For one thing, BNPL offers are typically only available at the time of purchase but can show up as an available option on qualifying purchases on a consumer's statement. These plans can also carry a monthly payment fee in addition to the monthly installment amount, and some also charge interest in addition, which can make them more costly to consumers than using a credit card.   For merchants, too, the differences usually come down to costs, such as the dual costs of processing both a credit card and a buy now, pay later option for a consumer versus the costs of credit card processing alone.  6 Buy Now, Pay Later Examples While there are dozens of buy now, pay later options available for merchants, there are a few that hold a larger market share or are more widely used than the rest.  Let’s take a look at five of the largest and most trusted BNPL providers from around the world.  1. PayPal PayPal might be more well-known as a secure online payment system or person-to-person cash transfer app, but it's also a BNPL lender.  Its star lending product is called Pay in 4, which gives consumers the option to split the cost of a purchase into four scheduled payments without interest. This service is only available if the purchase is between $30 and $1,500 (compare this to services like Affirm can loan up to $17,500). Its interest rate stands at 24%, putting it in about the middle of the pack for comparison-shopping consumers.  2. Klarna Established in Sweden in 2005, Klarna now boasts a customer base of over 85 million and collaborates with hundreds of thousands of retailers worldwide.  Depending on the borrowing type, Klarna may run a soft or hard credit check on potential customers. Interestingly, instead of setting strict borrowing limits, however, Klarna employs a metric known as Purchase Power. Its website describes it as "an estimated amount based on factors such as your payment history and outstanding balance with Klarna."  Those with good credit and a good payment record could be eligible for larger loans from Klarna than from other BNPL vendors. The maximum interest rate, if applicable, is 25%. 3. Affirm Affirm is one of the most popular buy now, pay later vendors, and can be found as an option to pay at big-name brands like Amazon and Target.  For shorter-term loans (such as four payments with a two-week gap in between each), consumers have no interest or fees to pay with Affirm. Longer-term loans might have interest rates from 10 to 30% APR, based on credit score, but still no fees.  4. Afterpay Afterpay originated in Australia but is now owned by Block, formerly known as Square. It's even bigger than Affirm, securing partnerships with over 100,000 retailers.  One of its most noteworthy functions is its smart credit limit tool, which establishes a personal spending ceiling for purchasers based on their credit background, which can help consumers to stay within their means and avoid buyer's remorse later on. It also sends out reminders for people to make their payments, and its virtual card service is easy to use.  Unlike Affirm, Afterpay has late fees. Consumers who make on-time payments can avoid them. Interest rates are the same as Affirm, within the 10% to 30% range. 5. Shop Pay Installments Shopify has its own BNPL system known as Shop Pay Installments, made possible by a partnership with Affirm. When business owners use Shopify for their online store, their customers can purchase items in four interest-free payments, and the seller still receives the full amount up front.  This buy now, pay later system also allows small businesses to benefit from the same advantages that bigger retailers enjoy - like a larger average order cost and fewer abandoned carts.  6. Stripe Stripe also offers BNPL for retailers selling high value products for conversion boosting and retailers selling low value products that want to increase cart size and their customer pool. Stripe supports Affirm, Afterpay/Clearpay, and Klarna with repayment options of 3 or 4 interest-free installments. How to Get Started With Buy Now, Pay Later Buy now, pay later services are becoming increasingly popular as a way to make online shopping more convenient and affordable. With these payment options, shoppers can purchase items in the moment and pay for them later in smaller installments, making it easier than ever for customers to manage their finances while maintaining their standard of living.  If you're a business that wants to jump on the BNPL bandwagon and take advantage of this growing trend, EP Payments, powered by Stripe, from Elastic Path might be just the solution you need. Just get in touch with one of our experts today to find out more about how EP payments can help you increase sales and average transaction value while also building customer goodwill and loyalty.   
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  • - Grab has expanded its fintech offer with “Buy Now Pay Later” facility and an online store check-out plugin.
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  • H&M’s outlet brand Afound launches online on 14 June - Afound, H&M’s newest retail brand, has announced that it will open its online store on 14 June. On that day, the outlet brand will also open the doors of its physical store in Stockholm. Two days later, the Malmö store will open. H&M is a very popular and well-known fashion Continue reading
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  • How early-stage startups can use data effectively - It's a common belief that startups can measure their way to success. Yet early-stage startups often can’t leverage data easily. This piece discusses what to (not) focus on and how to get real results.
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  • How should B2B startups think about growth? Not like B2C - Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of B2B companies apply ineffective demand generation strategies to their startup. If you’re a B2B founder trying to grow your business, this guide is for you...
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  • How to Supercharge Your Ecommerce Conversions with Buy Now, Pay Later - Does this sound familiar? You’ve got tons of traffic, conversion-optimized product pages, and a sleek and seamless checkout process. And…
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  • How to Use Pre-Orders to Validate, Pre-Sell, and Build Hype for a Product - Pre-orders can be a versatile addition to your toolkit at whatever stage you are with your business. You can use pre-orders to validate a product idea, build hype for an upcoming launch, and improve cash flow throughout your new product development process. From the different types of pre-orders you can offer to how to effectively promote a pre-order, here's what you need to know to start selling before your stock is ready to ship.More
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  • In the ‘buy now, pay later’ wars, PayPal is primed for dominance - Stephen Milbank Contributor Share on Twitter Stephen Milbank is the co-founder and Head of Global Strategic Partnerships at Button, a mobile commerce technology company that is powering a commerce-driven internet. The COVID-19 pandemic has already dramatically reshaped how Americans shop, with e-commerce expected to grow 20% in 2020 as a greater proportion of users shift […]
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  • India’s Simpl raises $40 million for its buy now, pay later service - Bangalore-based fintech startup Simpl has raised $40 million as it looks to expand its online buy now, pay later service’s offerings in the world’s second-largest market. Valar Ventures and IA Ventures led the six-year-old startup’s Series B round. LFH Ventures and some existing investors also participated in the round, said the startup, which has raised […]
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  • Kenyan BNPL startup Lipa Later eyes more African markets after raising $12 million - Lipa Later, a Kenyan tech-led consumer credit platform, is planning to expand to new markets in Africa after raising $12 million in pre-Series A funding. The equity and debt funding round was led by Cauris Finance, Lateral Frontiers VC (one of Lipa Later’s first investors) and GreenHouse Capital, with participation from SOSV IV LLC, Sayani […]
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  • Klarna launches in Poland - Swedish fintech company Klarna has entered Poland this week with the launch of its ‘buy now, pay later’ service in collaboration with H&M. This is the latest expansion of Klarna, which has been gruadually building its presence in Europe in the last years. Klarna is now officially active in Poland.… Continue reading
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  • Loop launches in the UK - Loop, a sustainable ecommerce service, will launch in the United Kingdom later this month. The service, which puts products in containers that are designed to be reused, will be made available to 5,000 early adopters from 26 March. Loop launched in France last year, but similar to the initiative in… Continue reading
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  • Nigeria’s CredPal secures $15M in debt and equity to scale its BNPL product across Africa - The adoption of buy now, pay later (BNPL) in Nigeria as a payment option both online and at the point of sale is expected to record a CAGR of 20% from 2021 to 2028, per this report. BNPL’s growth is further highlighted as GMV is predicted to increase from $204 million to over $1 billion […]
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  • Nigeria’s ThankUCash secures $5.3M to build infrastructure for cash back, deals and BNPL services - Loyalty, deals and rewards services are a rarity in most African markets. The unit economics and other factors such as currency instability make such businesses hard to pull off in the region. Yet ThankUCash, a platform launched in 2018 by Connected Analytics, has managed to thrive, proving that not all is gloomy in the deals, […]
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  • Scalapay raises $48M to scale its buy now, pay later service in Europe - Buy now, pay later services — which let consumers finance the purchase of goods online by paying back the total in installments over time — have been growing in ubiquity this past year. Today, Scalapay, one of the companies that’s building a platform to enable buy now, pay later (BNPL) and related features, has raised […]
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  • - Figuring out which BNPL service to choose between Sezzle vs Klarna isn’t always easy. As these kinds of financial products continue to gain popularity, Buy Now Pay Later services are appearing in droves. Many of them, like Sezzle and Klarna,… Continue reading Sezzle vs Klarna: Buy Now Pay Later Services
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  • Shopify announces a new merchant debit card and support for payment installment plans - Shopify is announcing several new products and features today at Reunite, a virtual conference for the one million merchants using the company’s e-commerce platform. The additions include Shopify Balance, which Chief Product Officer Craig Miller described as an attempt to rethink the bank account in a way that’s better suited to a business’ needs. “The […]
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  • Six Ways to Drive Conversions and Increase Revenue at Checkout - You’ve worked hard on marketing — don’t lose customers right at the finish line! See how successful stores optimize their checkout for maximum conversions.
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  • SoundCloud finally lets more musicians monetize four years later - SoundCloud moves painfully slow for a tech company, and no one feels that pain more than musicians who are popular on the site but don’t get paid. 10 years since SoundCloud first launched, and four years since it opened an invite-only program allowing just the very biggest artists to earn a cut of the ad […]
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  • TaskRabbit is resetting customer passwords after finding ‘suspicious activity’ on its network - TaskRabbit has reset an unknown number of customer passwords after confirming it detected “suspicious activity” on its network. The IKEA -owned online marketplace for on-demand labor said it reset user passwords out of an abundance of caution and that it “took steps to prevent access to any user accounts,” a TaskRabbit spokesperson told TechCrunch. The […]
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  • The General Data Protection Regulation: One Year Later - One year ago on May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect and replaced the 1995 EU Data Protection Directive (DPD) with the goal of significantly enhancing the protection of the personal data of EU citizens and increasing the obligations of organizations who collect and/or process personal data.
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  • The Long-term Effect of Buy Now, Pay Later - Point-of-sale financing services such as Klarna and Affirm make it easy for online shoppers to buy now and pay later. These financial tech companies have the ability to reduce checkout friction and please customers, but they may affect ecommerce in other, perhaps unexpected, ways.
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  • - Welcome to our ultimate Sezzle review. If you run an online business you know how crucial it is to offer your customers the right payment solutions at checkout. Imagine offering only Sripe as the payment option for shoppers on your… Continue reading The Ultimate Sezzle Review (Dec 2021): A Pay Later Service for Online Shopping
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  • Tiger Global backs Accrue Savings’ ‘save now, pay later’ approach to consumer purchases - When the consumer opens an account and hits savings milestones for products they want to buy from their favorite brands, they can receive cash contributions from the brands.
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  • UK’s Zilch raises $80M at a $500M+ valuation for its direct-to-consumer buy now, pay later service - The buy now, pay later model, popularized by companies like Klarn and Affirm has been one of the big e-commerce winners in the last year, giving consumers who might be stretched financially another option to pay for things when they buy them online. While that has prompted the UK financial authority to re-examine how it […]
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  • What Merchants Should Know about ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ - "Buy now, pay later" allows consumers to purchase goods and pay in installments, similar to a credit card. Why is BNPL gaining popularity? I’ll answer that question and more in this post.
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  • WhatsApp eyes lending feature in India as Amazon rolls out Pay Later to tens of thousands of customers - WhatsApp, which began testing its mobile payments feature in India two years ago, could offer at least one more financial service to people in its biggest market. In a filing with the local regulator in India, the Facebook -owned messaging platform has listed credit as one of the areas it will pursue in the country. […]
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  • Will Carbon and Shahry usher in a wave of buy now, pay later services in Africa? - Affirm, Afterpay, Klarna, Quadpay. These are some of the big global players in the buy now, pay later (BNPL) movement. They allow shoppers to purchase products online and pay in installments with nominal or no fees, and have become more prominent due to how the pandemic accelerated e-commerce market growth around the world. Credit card […]
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  • - Zalando has partnered with Savrr, a relatively unknown start-up until recently. Together, they offer German Zalando customers a new service: ‘save now buy later’, the counterpart of ‘buy now pay later’.Founders Lukas Schmitt and Nico Gemkow recently presented Savrr at the K5 Future Retail Conference in Berlin. Their promise: ‘Loyal…
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