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Top 2021 resources on mailbox

Best mailbox resource in 2021.
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  • Deliverability on Black Friday: 3 things you need to know -   In our latest download, ‘The Black Friday Survival Guide’ we go into depth about the importance of preparation for the Cyber weekend, and how it makes all the difference. When it comes to deliverability, having all your inbox ducks in a row is equally key to success during one of the busiest retail periods of the year. We’re all familiar with one of the mammoth struggles - creating all your multiple campaigns, but the next hurdle is making sure they’re actually received (because your competitors will also be flooding their inboxes during Black Friday). So, how do you ensure the campaigns you’ve worked so hard on actually meet the gaze of your customers? Here at Ometria, we see deliverability as an integral part of the overall campaign execution. This blogpost is going to give you a concise breakdown of the essentials you need to have in play ahead of the retail mayhem.
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  • ParcelSea raises money to build smart mailbox network - ParcelSea, a last-mile tech startup from Estonia, has raised 935,000 euros to build a smart mailbox network in Estonia and foreign markets. The Tallinn-based company wants to expand production and continue building new features and services. With ecommerce booming and contactless pickups becoming more and more popular, ParcelSea has been… Continue reading
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