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  • Hacking Confessional: What a Pro Can Teach Remote Workers About Data Security - Data security is a hot-button issue right now, and for a good reason. And in our digitized world, remote workers…
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  • How to Bulletproof Your Online Business - Learn the best ways to implement online business security from a variety of threats including fraud, hacking, theft, revenue fluctuations & more.
    Topics: online, security, store, address, youre, services, password, business, email, best, service, bulletproof.
  • How to Protect Your Online Store - Your store’s security is critical, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Get the checklist of tools, strategies, and practices you need to protect your store!
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  • New Release: B2B Account Management Enhancements - Following the recent blog for the release of Account Management for Elastic Path Commerce Cloud, we've now added support so you can start managing your accounts within Commerce Manager, the ability to allow account members to login via a username and password, and support for Addresses for an account. Commerce Manager Support We first released Account Management via our beta APIs, this most recent release brings the following capabilities into Commerce Manager, our business-user tooling, for Seller Admins: Ability to create, view, and edit accounts Ability to view members of the account added via the api Ability to view orders of the account Ability to create, view, and edit addresses for the account The above capabilities now enable you to set up accounts from Commerce Manager which can be leveraged in your storefront and other touchpoints. Consider a B2B hardware manufacturer (Seller) and a big-box retailer (Buyer). The hardware manufacturer can now manage accounts in Commerce Manager creating an account for the big-box retailer, additionally an address can be added for use in the checkout process. The seller can now add account members John and Jane to the account created, via the api. After John and Jane create orders for their account, the seller can view the order details for both John and Jane from within Commerce Manager. Username and Password APIs We've also added the support for account members to log in via username and password in addition to the previous login using OpenID Connect. The new capabilities include: Ability to create, view, and edit password profiles for an authentication realm Ability to create, view, and edit user authentication info to an authentication realm Ability to add, view, and edit password profiles for a user Ability to add, view, and edit OpenID Connect profiles for a user With these new capabilities, you can now enable account members to authenticate via username and password. This allows you to get started with Account Management without setting up an OpenID Connect Provider for authentication, making it easier to start using Account Management and saving some time in your busy day. For a more detailed guide on how to do this check out our How-To guide for Adding Accounts and Account Members. What's Next? We will be continuing to add features incrementally and release them frequently. You can soon expect to be able to add account members from within Commerce Manager. We'll also be adding Events and Webhooks support for Account Management APIs. As new features are released, they will be added to the Elastic Path Commerce Cloud changelog, so, make sure to keep an eye out for that! Getting Started With these new Account Management capabilities B2B brands and buyers can more effectively manage their transactions. Use the postman collection to try out these new APIs. Additional details on these features are available in the documentation for both Commerce Manager and APIs. Beta API Reminder The APIs in this release are labelled Beta. These APIs provide early access into the Account Management functionality and enable Elastic Path customers to provide feedback earlier in the development process, before the APIs are finalized. Customer feedback is important to us, as it helps us better understand functional requirements and address problems early.
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  • - If you don’t have a secure password manager in 2019, you’re asking for trouble. Big trouble. When it comes to hackers and identity theft, your biggest weakness is a set of terrible passwords. Passwords like “Password1234,” your mother’s maiden name, or your pet’s name are asking to be hacked. It […]
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  • The 9 Best Password Managers for Every Browser and Budget - If you're anything like me, you've been re-using the same password variation across accounts for years, adding or exchanging the odd number or exclamation point.
    Topics: passwords, browser, information, free, manager, best, lastpass, ios, windows, managers, dashlane, sync, budget, password.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Cybersecurity - If asked you to list the most valuable things you own, how would you answer? I guess this would be another way of asking the infamous “What would you grab if your house was on fire?” question.
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  • The Ultimate JotForm PDF Editor Review for 2018 - Do you currently have the option for your customers to submit forms on your website? This could be a registration form for an event you are running, or a form to gather feedback from your customers based on the usability of… Continue reading The Ultimate JotForm PDF Editor Review for 2018
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  • WordPress Security: Important Considerations and Recommended for Ecommerce Websites - WordPress is the CMS (content management system) with the largest amount of installations in the world. Being the biggest means…
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