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  • A Brief History of Disability Pride [+Why Businesses Should Embrace It] - As a legally blind woman, it took me years to disclose the full extent of my disability to employers. When I did, I downplayed my blindness as "just a bit of nearsightedness," or I had to give a disclaimer of, "It's never held me back and I have references to prove it."
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  • Pride at Elastic Path - June is Pride month globally and we asked our employees what Pride meant to them. Pride is a time to recognise how far we have come in the fight for equal rights, and how far we have left to go. It's when our community comes together to celebrate every victory and grieve everyone that we have lost to hate and violence. Pride means inclusivity and expression. To be your best self everywhere, without judgement. Pride is a celebration of those who identify on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. Our goal in celebrating and honoring Pride is to ensure our employees understand that it started with protests and violence, not the pride parades that we see today. To accomplish this, we’ve shared daily content on Slack to both educate and begin conversations amongst the team. Content shared spans how to be an ally, to how to talk to children about LGBTQ2S+, to the history of the flags. The impact of sharing this content is already being felt in a positive way. Upon realizing that not all flags representing the LGBTQ2S+ groups were available as reactions on our Slack platform, employees took it upon themselves to ensure more were added to be more inclusive and that people who may not themselves in the traditional pride flag were seen. Later this month we’re hosting Pride-themed game shows via QUARMEGA. This is sure to be a fun time putting the learning we’ve all been doing this month to the test. While Pride is only one month long, we’re committed to supporting this community all year long. “When I came out at work, Elastic Path updated the bathroom signage to be more inclusive and worked with a D&I consultant to release a video about gender, sexual orientation, and pronouns to guide the conversation around the new signs and my change in pronouns.” Learn more about our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion.
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