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  • - The to-do list of anyone starting an online business is virtually endless. If you’re done validating your product ideas, then it’s time to build your store. And that’s before you’ve done one minute of marketing. At the same time, you’re finding reliable suppliers, taking product photos, doing – well, let’s […]
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  • Achieving E-Commerce Success Is Easier Than You Think - To help companies of all sizes jump-start and accelerate their digital growth, Adobe worked with a number of solution integrators and agencies to develop Rapid Deployment Packages (RDPs). What started as proofs of concept in late 2019 gathered huge momentum through February and March 2020 and is accelerating into 2021. Red more.
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  • Beerwulf further expands in Europe - Beerwulf, a Heineken-owned startup that sells beer online, will expand to more countries in Europe. The company will expand to the same countries where home tap retailer The Sub is already active. Last month, Heineken consolidated The Sub and Beerwulf. Beerwulf, which started in the Netherlands in March 2017, is… Continue reading
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  • Facebook Custom Audiences 101: A Starter Guide for Ecommerce Businesses - The more you know about the people you’re advertising to, the better your ads will perform. When you market to a Facebook Custom Audience, you know exactly who is seeing your ads, and your messaging can be laser-targeted. This will help you increase your conversion rates and get a better return on investment.More
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  • How the D2C Starter Kit can Kickstart Your Digital Commerce Success - Elastic Path adds a D2C Starter Kit for brands to kickstart their Composable Commerce journey with a customizable storefront. What is the D2C Starter Kit? The D2C Starter Kit is an open-sourced toolbox aimed at accelerating the development of a digital commerce storefront that can be easily customized for specific use cases. D2C brands can set up a commerce storefront in a matter of days rather than months, saving up to 15% of implementation costs while preserving the speed and flexibility a Composable Commerce approach affords.  With a Composable Commerce approach, brands can add best-of-breed solutions for functionality like search, CMS (content management system), personalization, etc. With the extensibility of the D2C Starter Kit, brands can include new integrations over time as their needs evolve to keep up with and outpace customer expectations. See the D2C Starter Kit in action in our demo below.   The D2C Starter Kit is built with the modern developer-friendly framework, Next. JS. It is also hosting agnostic to allow brands to pick the platform of their choice, including Netlify(current), AWS, & Vercel. The current iteration also includes Algolia for search and Chakra UI to get started with a range of out-of-the-box components that are easy to customize.  Reduced Time to Value Brands often hesitate to upgrade to a Composable Commerce approach for two key reasons, implementation time and costs. With the Starter Kit, your team can quickly spin up a digital commerce storefront built on EP PXM. APIs that provide functionality such as Cart & Checkout capabilities, promotions, product variation, bundles, and more. With select integrations for site search & a payments solution rounding out a package that can drastically reduce the implementation time and reduce implementation costs by up to 15%!  Learn more about The D2C Starter Kit on GitHub.   Kickstart Your Composable Commerce Journey Discover how the D2C starter kit will help you save time and reduce costs. Contact Elastic Path
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  • - Shopify Free Trial | Full Shopify Review | Shopify Pricing Plans and Fees Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel Read our full article on how to sell using Shopify's Starter Plan. INTRO Hello, YouTube family! Welcome back to Ecommerce Platforms. I’m… Continue reading Video: Shopify Starter Plan
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