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  • 11 ecommerce books to add to your summer reading list - Since you can’t read every single ecommerce book out there, we've curated the 11 books we feel will teach you something unique. Learning doesn’t stop once you launch the brand – it's an ongoing journey.
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  • 12 New Ecommerce Books for Summer 2018 - Here’s a new batch of ecommerce books to add to your summer reading list. There are titles on digital marketing, customer experience, Instagram, content marketing, branding, and building a side ...
    Topics: readers, customer, media, summer, business, strategic, books, digital, small, ecommerce, paperback, marketing, entrepreneurs.
  • 12 New Ecommerce Books for Summer 2019 - For your summer reading list, here's a batch of new ecommerce books. There are titles on multichannel marketing, blockchain technology, startup strategy, funding your business, and producing successful videos.
    Topics: summer, ecommerce, business, learn, provides, hardcover, books, digital, success, kindle, blockchain, paperback, marketing.
  • 12 New Ecommerce Books for Summer 2021 - Here’s a batch of new ecommerce books for your summer 2021 reading list. There are titles on cryptocurrency, customer experience, fulfillment, leadership, social media marketing, startup strategies, and building an online course.
    Topics: customer, social, summer, kindle, business, growth, scale, digital, paperback, books, ecommerce, media, learn.
  • 20 Free Web Design Tools from Summer 2021 - Here is a list of new web tools and design elements that can enhance an ecommerce site. There are page builders, design collaboration tools, gradient generators, video apps, coding tools, fonts, and more. All are free, though some also offer premium versions as well.
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  • 21 Free Web Design Tools from Summer 2020 - Free resources from the design community can add value to an ecommerce site. Here is a list of new web tools and design elements from summer 2020. There are designer and developer apps, coding resources, color tools, fonts, and more. All of these tools are free, though some also offer premium versions.
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  • 22 Free Web Design Tools from Summer 2019 - Here is a list of new web tools and design elements from summer 2019. There are designer and developer apps, coding resources, color tools, fonts, and more. All are free.
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  • 3 Marketing Tips to Increase Enrollment Rates for Pre-College Programs - It's tempting to copy and paste, but this summer is different.
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  • 5 Content Marketing Ideas for June 2020 - Content marketing is the act of creating or curating content, publishing that content, and distributing it all with the aim of attracting, engaging, and retaining customers. What follows are five content marketing ideas your business can use in June 2020.
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  • 5 Content Marketing Ideas for October 2021 - In October 2021, your content marketing could feature product-focused tutorials, storytelling, and annual observances, such as a little holiday called Halloween. Content is an integral part of ecommerce marketing.
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  • 500 Apps of Summer: Customers' Top App Marketplace Picks - Last month, the HubSpot app partner ecosystem passed a notable milestone in our platform journey: we officially welcomed the 500th app to our App Marketplace.
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  • Are Companies Seeing Summer Slumps in 2021? We Analyzed 103,000 Businesses to Find Out - Until recently, many of us have been doing almost everything from home with no immediate hopes of in-person outings.
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  • Bambuser launches real-time virtual live shopping experience - Bambuser, a SaaS company from Sweden, has announced the launch of real-time virtual live shopping productions. With this solution, online shoppers can go on a virtual tour across scenic summer locations, while looking at fashion they can buy with just one click. Fashion retailer Lindex recently hosted a show in… Continue reading
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  • DPD will deliver parcels by e-cargo bike this summer - Parcel delivery group DPD has partners with Electric Assisted Vehicles (EAV) to develop a lightweight four-wheel e-cargo bike. With these bikes, DPD will start delivering parcels to consumers in July later this year. The news was revealed at the eBike Summit in Ofxord last week. Three bikes are currently being… Continue reading
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  • Elastic Path Summer Product Innovation Recap - As the summer continues to wind down and fall begins to creep in, we have a lot of new things to look forward to. Some of us are getting ready to go back into offices; sending our kids back to school; starting new journeys; and long awaiting the normalcy to gather for holidays with our loved ones. But even with all these new beginnings, one thing remains the same, consumers will be SHOPPING - And as such Elastic Path continues to innovate and make updates to our products to ensure that brands are able to provide the best eCommerce shopping experiences for their customers. This summer at Elastic Path, we focused primarily on enhancing existing feature capabilities within Elastic Path Commerce Cloud. These enhancements address a variety of concerns from locale support to advanced pricing. While we have made a plethora of changes, this article focuses on the major updates to the solution. These include: The Launch of Catalog Composer Account Management Enhancements Advanced Pricing Support Product Content Management Enhancements And Promotion Enhancements. With the release of these new innovations, Elastic Path is making it easy to support your complex eCommerce strategy across multiple business models such as B2C, B2B, B2B2C, and DTC. Learn more about all of our product innovations here.   Catalog Composer The traditional catalog management we see today was built over a decade ago, before brands had even begun to think about addressing multiple geographies, deploying multiple touchpoints, and launching multiple brands all under one umbrella. Therefore, there’s no surprise why addressing the aforementioned concerns have been so difficult. Traditional catalog management, until today, has been extremely rigid, and usually results in brands spending excessive time and money to customize their unique catalog needs, only to still delay time to market and hold back the organization. Catalog Composer by Elastic Path, previously introduced as a part of Product Content Management in March, alleviates these complexities by leveraging the industry’s only decoupled catalog architecture, to empower brands to rapidly compose and continuously optimize products and pricing into unlimited, unique catalogs across all your routes-to-market such as multiple brands, accounts, geographies, touchpoints, and business models. Catalog Composer will be key in managing catalogs across your B2B, B2C and B2B2C business models 5x faster than any other eCommerce solution. Learn more about Catalog Composer   Account Management Enhancements Elastic Path Commerce Cloud previously only leveraged Open ID Connect to enable user authentication with external identity providers such as Okta and Ping. However, we have now implemented a new password profile support that enables users to log in using a username and password, instead of only relying on an OpenID Connect profile. Now your team has the ability to create user authentication info to be associated with either Password Profiles or OpenID Connect Profiles. These APIs can also be used for account member authentication. Explore more about Account Members with Password Profiles   Advanced Pricing Support In a competitive market, eCommerce owners are always thinking of ways to stay ahead of the competition and increase their value. One such way we see this done is by deploying a variety of pricing strategies. Elastic Path has released both Volume Pricing and Sales Pricing to help with your strategies. Volume Pricing now allows you to offer different pricing for minimum quantities of items that your customer purchases. This means when a customer has added a sufficient quantity of an item and meets the minimum quantity specified, all items in that cart will be discounted. On the other hand, Sales Pricing grants you the ability to advance-schedule the specific time and date for sale prices books to go live. This will be great for stores that want to schedule season pricing in products without creating a new pricebook or catalog request. Explore more about Volume and Sales Pricing     Product Content Management Enhancements Since the launch of Product Content Management, customers have found it so easy to import, enrich and organize their product data in one central location. To make Product Content Management more customizable, we have added templates and attributes to configurations, support for multi-byte languages and locale support. Templates and attributes allow you to attach a specific set of custom fields to your products in Product Content Management. Multi-byte language support extends Product Content Management to support languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters, making your offered languages more inclusive. And lastly, locale support allows you to localize product names, descriptions and other strings if your store supports multiple languages. Explore more about Product Content Management enhancements     Promotion Enhancements Promotional offers play a major role in a customer’s shopping cycle and can make a significant difference in cart value. Elastic Path has updated and added new promotions to be offered throughout your eCommerce journey. Bundle Discount - Bundle discounts allow your team to offer bulk discounts when selected products are purchased together. Free Gift Discount - Free Gift discounts allow your teams to offer a free item when a specific product or a group of products are purchased. Usage Per Line Item - Usage Per Line Item promotions grant your team the ability to set usage per line item for all promotion times. This allows you to limit the buyer to use the promotion for a specific number of times. Max Application Per Cart Limit- This promotion update allows your team to limit the quantity available for purchase at the promotion price.   Elastic Path Commerce Cloud is equipped with a variety of other promotions that you can explore here. We are thrilled to continue innovating here at Elastic Path. If you would like to keep up to date on our newest product innovations, explore our product innovation page for major updates and our product changelog for all major and minor updates.
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  • Ettitude targets eco-conscious shoppers with its organic bedding - Ettitude, recently graduated from the ERA accelerator, is looking to ride the growing wave of e-commerce by offering eco-friendly sheets. The company offers bamboo lyocell sheets and pajamas, which feel like a hybrid between silk and cotton, and stay cool longer than cotton or other fabrics. Bamboo lyocell fabric is essentially organic fabric made from […]
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  • June: ecommerce events in Europe - It’s June and, slowly, Europe is getting more and more vaccinated. For now, physically visiting ecommerce events is still not a real option, but there are a few interesting ones you can visit online. Let’s have a look at what’s possible this month. June 9: Intershop Commerce Talks: Order Management… Continue reading
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  • Taking a Sabbatical - This summer the eCommerceFuel team did something we’ve been planning for over a year:  we all took a month-long sabbatical.  In today’s episode we talk about how we made it work from a logistical standpoint, what we learned from our month away and how we’ll do things differently next time.   https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/ecommercefuel/Taking-A-Sabbatical.mp3 Subscribe: iTunes | […]
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  • Zalando builds fulfilment center in the Netherlands - Zalando has announced it will build its first fulfilment center in the Netherlands. With the 140,000 square meters nearby Rotterdam, the fashion company wants to further boost its growth in Western Europe. According to the German fashion giant, the new fulfilment center will be the most automated location within the… Continue reading
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