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  • 3 ways the pandemic is transforming tech spending - We don’t believe enterprises or consumers will revert to the old ways of doing things when the pandemic subsides. Welcome to the next phase of tech spending.
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  • 5 Ways Augmented Reality (AR) Is Transforming Retail - For the past few years, augmented reality (AR) has been discussed as a useful but far-fetched solution, particularly in retail.
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  • Blockchain Is Transforming the Retail Supply Chain - Of all the areas in which blockchain applies to commerce, supply chain applications are the furthest along in development and usage. This stems primarily from the database-like features of blockchain combined with traceability and security benefits, which are a natural fit for reducing costs as well as ensuring that a company fulfills its brand promise for product sourcing or quality.
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  • Buying and Transforming Underperforming Stores - If you are an entrepreneur, you have probably come across a business being sold so cheaply that you considered purchasing it. However, being business savvy enough to differentiate between fantastic buying opportunities and energy-destroying lemons can be very tricky. So in this episode, we have Brian Lejeune and Janine Do, owners of VirginiaBoysKitchens.com, joining the […]
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  • How This New Style of Ecommerce is Transforming Online Business - Ecommerce is complex and time-consuming, and Done For You (DFY) services offer a way to outsource day-to-day operations to professionals, saving you time, money, and stress. It allows entrepreneurs to focus on other aspects of their business while experts take care of the operational tasks, leading to higher conversion rates and increased revenue potential.
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  • Startups are transforming global trade in the COVID-19 era - The global trade crisis is a setback, but also an opportunity for logistics startups to show the value of digital platforms in an analog industry.
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  • Transforming Customer Experience in B2B: 5 Experts Weigh In - B2B buyer expectations are shifting toward eCommerce. Here’s what that means for B2B vendors
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  • Transforming Digital Experience with Composable Commerce and Co-Innovation - Companies today compete and win through their digital experience. At Bounteous, we focus our efforts on co-innovation and transformative digital experiences to drive results for our clients. We elevate brand experiences through our technology partnerships and unparalleled platform expertise. Elastic Path’s API-first enterprise commerce platform, ability to support complex business models, and open-source technologies provide the ability to create immersive experiences throughout all stages of a customer’s journey. Together we combine our content and commerce expertise to deliver commerce experiences that drive greater ROI. Are you looking for an edge in digital experience? This post will break down how your business can stay innovative and ahead of the curve in the current digital landscape, important factors your business must consider at the start of a digital transformation project and current trends in digital experience that are critical to future success, including insight around Composable and Customer-Centric Architecture. Innovation in the Current Digital Landscape At Bounteous, we exist to help leading companies compete and win digitally by continuously innovating brand experiences that drive transformative results. We believe that innovation begins with a critical insight and that a competitive advantage is attained when a brand can continuously generate and apply those insights. Simply stated, innovation is doing better things and doing things better. Therefore, insights need to be generated for various purposes - to help organizations define their thesis for transformation, create distinct brand experiences, expand and identify customer segments, flawlessly execute to drive conversion, and so much more. We achieve this through our model of co-innovation which is not a project or standalone initiative; it is fundamentally about enhancing the way we work together with our clients to deliver results. We believe that companies today compete and win through their digital experience - and how that digital experience connects to all other aspects of their ecosystem. While that’s been true for a while, we’ve seen it accelerate these last two years as companies need to connect with their customers more and more - and as 1:1 relationships with customers become the norm. Keith Schwartz, Co-Founder & CEO of Bounteous, has introduced the Co-Innovation Manifesto, which includes principles and a call-to-action for business executives seeking to compete and win digitally. We highly recommend you check it out! What to Consider at the Start of a Digital Transformation Project First and foremost, we believe in the power of ‘critical insights’ to inform strategies and experiences we create. We generate critical insights to develop end-to-end strategies that yield the most valuable opportunities for experience and commerce innovation. Innovation is accelerated by a virtuous cycle we call ‘digital flow,’ in which data yields critical insights that enable multi-moment orchestration and continuous experience and commerce innovation. We believe in always having a measurement strategy in place with the right tracking to ensure we can continue to learn from and evolve the digital experience – making it work harder and smarter for you. Lastly, when we talk about co-innovation and collaboration, we talk a lot about the right enablement model that must be in place in order to help our customers mature across talent, methods, tech and data - all of which are critical in achieving a continuous cycle of innovation. These pillars are critical to delivering innovative digital experience. Without the right team, technology, strategy, platform, and data tools, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle. Trends in the Digital Experience (DX) That Are Critical to Future Success Composable Architecture Trends in headless technology have offered breakthrough improvements in customer experience, but implementing headless as isolated projects limit the total business impact. Composable architecture, on the other hand, provides business agility, speed, and reliability by combining efforts logically at the infrastructure level. Composable architecture is a comprehensive approach to consolidating headless initiatives—ultimately bringing agility to the digital experience infrastructure. Think of composable as the big sister of headless DX architecture. Composable requires more initial planning but brings greater long-term savings through process optimization and flexibility. With composable, you can manage the true value of decoupled systems and create the best-in-class solutions for your business—making composable the future of digital experiences.   What does it mean to have a Composable architecture? Discover more about the latest approach to ecommerce, it's three core architectural tenets, and whether or not the approach is right for you. Read the Guide Customer-Centric Architecture In the early phase of a relationship between your organization and a platform partner, it’s crucial for your partner to understand the business need and your customer so the platform customization can be architected with those factors in mind. When you lose sight of your customers by letting technology dictate your approach, you start serving the means rather than the end, meaning you’re implementing technology for its own sake, rather than serving a business purpose. As our digital ecosystems become more sophisticated and integrate multiple platforms as well as bespoke components, we expect to see a growing trend around customer-centric architecture. Co-Innovation When we work together, we succeed together. Often, departments within an organization talk to each other but have their own unique goals and objectives in mind when building a platform rather than a single set of overarching, unifying goals. That tends to create data silos and issues surrounding the points of control around data flow. A good partner can serve as communicative and connective tissue between the departments in an organization. They will help your team look beyond individual department goals and see a cohesive picture that can better inform the implementation. We expect to see more clients demand this kind of mutuality from their partners in the future.
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  • Transforming a Global Team - Ronnie Teja is the owner of Branzio.com, an 8-figure watch company that he runs entirely remotely. In this episode, we discuss what it’s like running a sizeable business while living in three places (Berlin, Vancouver, and Bangkok), Ronnie’s thoughts on mindfulness, and his best advice for hiring the right members for your team. You’ll learn: […]
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  • Want Better Internet Sales? Use This Overlooked Strategy - The employment of this service eliminates the need to hire, train and manage an in-house team, an endeavor that can drain substantial resources in terms of time and money.
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