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Daily E-Commerce Pulse Report: Fri 16 Mar 2018

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18 interesting articles found from a total of 22 different sources analyzed:

  • - You can't go anywhere these days without hearing about the elusive, purportedly mystical powers of influencer marketing. But is this buzzword-laden tactic actually worth your time and energy? from blog.hubspot.com
  • - Offering a compelling ecommerce experience to B2B buyers requires a process of continuous improvement. It can be helpful to examine other B2B ecommerce sites, to learn. Grainger and Amazon Business are often cited as leading examples. But there is also value in learning from smaller, innovative B2B companies. In this post, I'll address six impressive, independent B2B sites from www.practicalecommerce.com
  • - If you’re looking to upgrade your payment technology, look for these eight forward-thinking features from magento.com
  • - With the 25th May just around the corner, GDPR-related queries are no doubt pouring into lawyers’ inboxes thick and fast. Whilst attempting to tackle all of them in one blog post would be a stretch, we’ve had a go at answering three questions we've noticed popping up again and again (that are particularly pertinent to ecommerce marketers). These are: “What will the GDPR mean for the UK post-Brexit?” “Do I need to implement double opt-in?” “What’s the ePrivacy Regulation?” from blog.ometria.com
  • - Blue Apron announced today it will bring its meal kits to stores. The news arrives at a time when the meal kit subscription company is struggling to grow and retain its users, who are often put off by the expense of the direct-shipped meal kits and the need to commit to an ongoing subscription. In […] from techcrunch.com
  • - Coca-Cola is history’s greatest example of brand awareness, and for good reason. Whether or not you even like the stuff, chances are you know exactly how Coca-Cola’s logo looks, how it’s glass bottle is shaped, and that it’s the preferred drink of Santa Claus. So it makes sense that marketers […] from www.oberlo.com
  • - While Walmart, Amazon, Kroger, and Albertson's compete for online supremacy in groceries and household goods, Costco has until recently remained aloof, firmly committed to serving customers at its physical stores. The company, which operates on a membership basis, has 49.9 million member households from www.practicalecommerce.com
  • - While credit-scoring behemoth Equifax continues to work through the fallout from its massive security breach, one of its big competitors is snapping up a startup in the UK to diversify its business. Experian today announced that it is acquiring ClearScore, which has built a platform that — like Experian — offers you a credit score, […] from techcrunch.com
  • - An Extension of the 2017 Magento Masters Yearbook from magento.com
  • - On Shopify’s social media accounts, we’re always asking merchants and readers questions about their entrepreneurial journey. This week, we asked about your biggest struggles as an entrepreneur. While each entrepreneurial journey is altogether unique, business owners share many of the same challenges. Sometimes the best way to get advice is to simply share what aspects you've found to be challenging with a community of people who can relate. So we'd like to continue the conversation that began with our Twitter poll: What's the most challenging thing you've encountered since starting a business? (You can reply in the comments!)More from www.shopify.com
  • - “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Many of us conclude that pictures make words unnecessary. We believe images are so explicit and clear that they communicate fully on their own. Too often that’s not true, however. Whether of people or products, photos can be more ambiguous than most people assume from www.practicalecommerce.com
  • - A shift by brands to a New Retail model is imperative to remain relevant and competitive in China, according to a report from AliResearch and Bain & Co. from insideretail.asia
  • - There’s more than one factor that determines whether or not a shopper makes a purchase from your store — product selection, pricing, shipping speed, and so much more. But there’s one major factor that determines whether or not shoppers even make it to your product pages in the first place, and that’s site speed. As […] from woocommerce.com
  • - Swiss Post has acquired the Swiss startup Notime, which provides bicycle courier services. The acquisition should help Swiss Post with gaining more ground in the fast-growing market of same-day deliveries and fast, flexible deliveries in urban areas. Swiss Post has acquired a 51 percent stake in a company that currently Continue reading from ecommercenews.eu
  • - In what has become an annual tradition, I’ve once again bribed store owners to fill out a survey in order to understand how merchants are fairing in the eCommerce jungle. It’s called The State of the Merchant and it contains details on everything from revenue growth, conversion rates, happiness levels, our favorite eccentric billionaires, how [...] from www.ecommercefuel.com
  • - The definition of a whitepaper varies heavily from industry to industry, which can be a little confusing for marketers looking to create one for their business. The old-school definition comes from politics, where it means a legislative document explaining and supporting a particular political solution. from blog.hubspot.com
  • - In my last internship, my manager told me a funny story about her 18 year-old brother after he visited the office one day. And it made me realize I officially don’t understand the teenage mind anymore. from blog.hubspot.com
  • - Fashion retailer Zara has announced plans to roll out an augmented reality experience across 120 stores worldwide. The app can also be used by online shoppers, who will be able to hover their smartphone over a package delivered from the Zara website. The two-week test with augmented reality will take Continue reading from ecommercenews.eu