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Daily E-Commerce Pulse Report: Thu 11 Oct 2018

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21 interesting articles found from a total of 22 different sources analyzed:

  • 5 Ecommerce Secrets the 'Experts' Aren't Willing to Share With You - Many consider these five ecommerce secrets too valuable to share with just anybody. from www.entrepreneur.com
    Topics: sales, ive, quality, product, marketing, secrets, need, initial, willing, customers, arent, store, share, experts, ecommerce.
  • 5 Keys to Digital Transformation Success, by Forrester’s Michelle Beeson - Forrester’s Michelle Beeson took to the stage at MagentoLive Europe on Wednesday to reveal the research company’s latest findings on digital transformation. Michelle’s research covers digital commerce and how technology impacts the way organizations engage with customers. Here are the five key takeaways from her keynote: from magento.com
    Topics: youre, transformation, support, research, digital, service, keys, business, success, way, technology, beeson, forresters, michelle.
  • 5 interesting findings from talking to 1000 consumers about retailers' marketing messages - There has been constant talk about ‘rising customer expectations’ and the need for retailers to match those if they want to be as successful as brands like ASOS and Farfetch. But 'customer expectations' is quite a broad term - what do we actually mean when we talk about it? What are those expectations? Luckily for you, we spoke to 1000 consumers to find out exactly what those expectations are, as well as the things retailers do that frustrate them and make them feel undervalued. We've deep-dived into our findings and discovered there’s a lot that consumers want and specific ways they’d like to receive them. Below, we’ve picked out five interesting takeaways that may make you reassess your current strategy. But we sure to download the census for more on your customer’s expectations.   from blog.ometria.com
    Topics: shoppers, expectations, consumers, marketing, messages, talking, findings, emails, retailers, truly, customer, email, customers, women, subscriptions, census, interesting.
  • Adobe’s Ever-Growing Commitment to Open Source - We’re actively exploring ways to deepen our commitment to open source, both in what we use and in what we contribute from magento.com
    Topics: magento, experience, adobe, project, evergrowing, developers, xdm, software, commitment, data, adobes, open, source.
  • Africa’s e-commerce space is closing in on its first billion-dollar IPO - The murmurs of a possible exit by Rocket Internet from Jumia, its African conglomerate of internet companies, are getting louder. from www.africanbusinesscentral.com
    Topics: reports, africas, rocket, space, ipo, closing, jumia, set, internet, billiondollar, possible, york, exit, ecommerce.
  • How to Scale Your Facebook Ads (While Maintaining a Healthy Return on Ad Spend) - To successfully scale your Facebook advertising, you need to consider more than just increasing your budget. Here are some strategies to help you increase your budget without decreasing your results.More from www.shopify.com
    Topics: budget, youre, set, spend, return, ads, healthy, ad, warm, maintaining, facebook, creative, customers, audience, scale.
  • How to Use Facebook: A Beginner’s Guide - Facebook has changed quite a bit since I first signed up for an account in 2008. Back then, Facebook was still called “The Facebook”, and my bio literally said, “Check out my MySpace, it’s waaaay better than my Facebook.” from blog.hubspot.com
    Topics: youre, button, video, status, press, friends, share, profile, page, facebook, guide, beginners.
  • How to Write and Promote a Return Policy Customers Love [Examples Inside] - In early 2017, LL Bean rolled back their infamous return policy to be just a little less generous. After seeing… from www.bigcommerce.com
    Topics: template, policy, dont, policies, write, return, returns, refund, need, customer, customers, examples, ecommerce, easy.
  • HubSpot's Guide to Facebook Ad Sizes (With Examples) - How many characters of text can News Feed ads have again? What about image dimensions for the Right Column sidebar? Between various image sizes and character requirements, figuring out how to optimize your Facebook ads for the various page spaces and ad objectives available to you can get pretty confusing. from blog.hubspot.com
    Topics: images, image, maximum, characters, sizes, ads, x, hubspots, px, ad, facebook, text, examples, guide.
  • Magento Introduces Magento Payments - Addresses Merchants’ Biggest Payments Challenges: Improved Conversions, Cash Flow Management, and Fraud Guarantee. from magento.com
    Topics: magento, introduces, options, fraud, payment, security, online, management, merchants, payments, reconciliation.
  • Magento Introduces the Mobile Optimization Initiative for Merchants - Community-driven project with PayPal, HiConversion and 15 system integrators tackles the mCommerce gap from magento.com
    Topics: introduces, magento, retailers, merchants, mobile, community, optimization, initiative, buying, experience, system, checkout.
  • Nonstop change is a certainty for ecommerce - The internet continues to disrupt the selling of products and services. The traditional ecommerce strategy of creating a single site and trying to market to the entire internet from that site ... from www.practicalecommerce.com
    Topics: change, services, service, nonstop, need, traditional, internet, market, platforms, businesses, certainty, ecommerce.
  • Origin launches protocol for building cheaper decentralized Ubers & Airbnbs - The sharing economy ends up sharing a ton of labor’s earnings with middlemen like Uber and Airbnb, and $38 million-funded Origin wants the next great two-sided marketplace to be decentralized on the blockchain so drivers and riders or hosts and guests can connect directly and avoid paying steep fees that can range up to 20 percent […] from techcrunch.com
    Topics: blockchain, build, marketplaces, cheaper, origin, launches, ubers, decentralized, building, airbnbs, marketplace, users, smart, protocol, system.
  • Robinhood cuts trading fees, grows profits with in-house clearing - As zero-commission stock trading app Robinhood starts preparing to IPO, an engineering investment two years in the making could accelerate its quest for profitability. Most stock broker services have to pay an external clearing house to reconcile trades between buyers and sellers. Now with 6 million accounts up from 4 million just 5 months ago, that […] from techcrunch.com
    Topics: user, clearing, stock, inhouse, million, trading, fees, accounts, business, grows, robinhood, profits, trades, cuts.
  • - Heads up. You’re going to be hearing a lot about Black Friday in the next few weeks. That’s because the weekend, which begins the Friday after the US Thanksgiving holiday and ends four days later on Cyber Monday, marks the single biggest sales weekend of the year. As retailers all over the world slash their prices, […] from www.oberlo.com
    Topics: black, discount, weekend, stores, ads, discounts, emails, big, sweat, business, welltimed, facebook, nailed, customers, store, sales.
  • The 10 Best Form Analytics Tools of 2018 - Web forms allow you to manage your email lists, accept online payments, review shipping and billing information, learn more about your customers and keep track of new leads registering for accounts. Web forms are integral to maintaining a healthy business and increasing your conversions. from blog.hubspot.com
    Topics: form, best, provides, tools, web, forms, tool, analytics, traffic, website, visitors.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Augmented Reality - Picture this: It's rainy Saturday afternoon and you’re spending your day indoors at a local art museum. You meander from room to room staring at all the art, but not really absorbing any information. The information next to the art is too small, too crowded, or frankly, too boring. You quickly lose interest and make your way to the cafe. from blog.hubspot.com
    Topics: reality, augmented, technology, uses, digital, information, help, ar, users, ultimate, virtual, guide.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Wellness at Work - There's a lot of buzz around "workplace wellness" in the HR industry recently, and for good reason. from blog.hubspot.com
    Topics: workplace, health, stress, employees, healthy, offering, employee, work, program, ultimate, guide, wellbeing, wellness.
  • Warby Parker taps NY celebs for Pupils Project limited edition collection - Warby Parker is introducing a new collaboration as part of the Pupils Project. In participation with a number of famous New Yorkers, including Rosario Dawson, Lena Dunham, Nikolai Fraiture, Iman, Fran Lebowitz, Humberto Leon, Mary-Louise Parker, Chloë Sevigny, Gloria Steinem, and Michael K. Williams, the company is releasing ten new pairs of frames. All the […] from techcrunch.com
    Topics: warby, celebs, pupils, parker, ny, project, school, pairs, need, edition, children, limited, glasses, vision, taps, collection.
  • Welcome Akeneo PIM as a New Magento Premier Technology Partner - Empowering Magento merchants to create high quality, consistent product content that drives engagement and maximizes conversions from magento.com
    Topics: premier, magento, akeneo, product, solution, partnership, pim, information, merchants, welcome, technology, content, partner.
  • Will Amazon Take Over the Digital Ad Space? [New Data] - A new report from CNBC says that many advertisers are shaking up their digital budgets, and dedicating more money to Amazon ads. from blog.hubspot.com
    Topics: google, amazon, growth, product, digital, space, data, ad, facebook, search, share, amazons.
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