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Daily E-Commerce Pulse Report: Thu 29 Nov 2018

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  • - To improve your team's productivity, reduce turnover rates, and drive increased revenue for your company, it's critical you take the time to focus on your employees' job satisfaction. from blog.hubspot.com
    Topics: help, boost, job, work, feel, employee, happy, company, workplace, guaranteed, employees, ways, team, satisfaction.
  • - In a world where retail eCommerce sales surpassed $2.3 billion this year, touting your products at fairs, trade shows, and festivals might seem like an outdated tactic to grow your business. from blog.hubspot.com
    Topics: attendees, selling, visitors, strategies, festivals, product, marketing, booth, shows, credit, products, trade, card, fairs.
  • A Complete Review of the Voodoo Manufacturing App - Are you an owner of a Shopify store? If so, do you ever find yourself stuck in a rut when it comes to sourcing new products? If you resonate with this problem, you may find the Voodoo Manufacturing App useful.… Continue reading A Complete Review of the Voodoo Manufacturing App from ecommerce-platforms.com
    Topics: complete, 3d, product, review, youre, store, manufacturing, app, shopify, voodoo, service, products.
  • Black Friday Cyber Monday 2018: An Analysis of Over $1.5 Billion in Sales - The dust has settled, and we’ve made it to the other side of another exciting Black Friday Cyber Monday! Now it’s time to take a look at the data to see how over 600,000 Shopify merchants did during this banner sales event.More from www.shopify.com
    Topics: black, cyber, shopping, data, merchants, weekend, shopify, billion, analysis, bfcm, usd, sales.
  • Building an Ecommerce Business, Part 7: Shipping - A merchant who sells physical products has to figure out how to get those items to customers. For this interview, I spoke with Cody DeArmond, director of sales and account management at ShipStation, the software provider. We discussed how shipping software could help a business to streamline its processes and generally make life easier from www.practicalecommerce.com
    Topics: shipstation, sells, business, ecommerce, series, shipping, building, spoke, seven, software, streamline, scales.
  • Building an Ecommerce Business, Part 7: Shipping and Fulfillment - A merchant who sells physical products has to figure out how to efficiently get those items into the hands of customers. It can become complicated as the business scales and receives international orders. This is episode seven in my series on building an ecommerce business from the ground up. from www.practicalecommerce.com
    Topics: shipstation, business, ecommerce, fulfillment, orders, shipping, think, building, merchants, place, usps, ups, software, merchant.
  • - Food delivery startup Plum has laid off its entire staff. from insideretail.asia
    Topics: hong, including, startup, ago, food, delivery, structure, staff, company, workers, plum, kong, lays, cheung.
  • Magento 2.3: New Tools to Fuel Your Growth in 2019 - Powerful Enhancements for the merchant and developer experiences from magento.com
    Topics: magento, pwa, inventory, tools, page, content, merchants, fuel, commerce, growth, builder, studio, web.
  • Palletways starts network in Hungary - The Palletways Group, an express palletized freight network that distribute to 20 countries across Europe, has further expanded its network. Together with independent transport providers, Palletways will launch a new network in Hungary. With the new network, Palletways can offer deliveries and collections between Hungary and all of the twenty… Continue reading from ecommercenews.eu
    Topics: hungary, logistics, international, countries, providers, starts, palletways, service, europe, transport, network.
  • Sales Report: 2018 Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday - Consumers embraced 2018 online holiday shopping with gusto starting on Thanksgiving Day and culminating on Cyber Monday, which became the highest U.S. ecommerce sales day in history with $7.9 billion in revenue. Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday all exhibited healthy year-over-year sales growth from www.practicalecommerce.com
    Topics: mobile, black, cyber, online, thanksgiving, shopping, merchants, day, billion, sales, report.
  • Six companies form major logistics company EV Cargo - Six logistics companies from the United Kingdom have combined to form a new logistics company, which is said to be the largest privately owned logistics company in the country. The newly created company is called EV Cargo. The idea for the new logistics company, comes from private equity firm EmergeVest.… Continue reading from ecommercenews.eu
    Topics: ev, delivery, uk, company, major, supply, logistics, cargo, firms, form, services, companies.
  • Skype co-founder snags $105M for fintech lending venture in Southeast Asia - A fintech whale quietly going about its business in Southeast Asia has come out from under the radar after Oriente, a Hong Kong-based business headed by Skype’s first employee, announced that it has raised a whopping $105 million. It may not be well known at this point, but the company has some serious street cred. Oriente […] from techcrunch.com
    Topics: fintech, philippines, business, 105m, oriente, skype, prentice, lending, asia, snags, cofounder, financial, credit, venture, digital, services, southeast.
  • - “K.I.S.S.” Keep it simple, stupid. Scott Hilse has been taking this philosophy very seriously. Over the past year and a half, he built a six-figure ecommerce business and transformed his life. And he did it all by selling just one product. Starting From the Bottom Scott is a buzzy 22-year […] from www.oberlo.com
    Topics: pixel, really, business, success, product, thats, scott, thing, simple, formula, store, facebook, oneproduct, things, sales.
  • - Since the 1990s, few things have remained timeless societal staples like Friends, Pokémon, Britney Spears, and the internet. from blog.hubspot.com
    Topics: frontend, development, marketers, backend, ultimate, internet, web, languages, guide, site, coding, developers, website.
  • - "Unriddled" is HubSpot's weekly digest of the tech headlines you need to know. We give you the top tech stories in a quick, scannable way and break it all down. It's tech news: explained. from blog.hubspot.com
    Topics: spectacles, try, machine, university, learning, tools, amazon, season, online, company, amazons, snap, read, unriddled, users, tech, available, need.
  • - Imagine a world with zero search results. As it turns out, Google is moving toward making that world a reality. from blog.hubspot.com
    Topics: search, pan, world, data, looks, zero, page, marketers, google, does, results, users, feature.
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