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Daily E-Commerce Pulse Report: Fri 11 Jan 2019

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  • 3 Strategies to Fulfill Like Amazon - We can be certain that Amazon is spending millions to improve and optimize its shipping processes. In this post, I'll describe three strategies to fulfill like Amazon, even if you have a fraction of its scale and infrastructure. from www.practicalecommerce.com
    Topics: charges, amazon, carrier, strategies, shipping, increase, rules, delivery, weight, order, fees, fulfill.
  • A look back at the year that the Sub-Saharan African startup scene found its stride - African tech in 2017 was about the normalization of market events mostly absent even a decade ago. from www.africanbusinesscentral.com
    Topics: ventures, scene, startup, african, yearandelas, uganda, subsaharan, york, stride, venture, expansion, zuckerberg, vc, tech, look.
  • Best Blogging Platforms for Your Online Store - Did you know, as many as 86% of B2B companies blog- and for a good reason, it gets results! Websites with blogs have as many as 434% more indexed pages in comparison to brands that don't. The stats speak for themselves.… Continue reading Best Blogging Platforms for Your Online Store from ecommerce-platforms.com
    Topics: blog, best, youll, need, platform, youre, wix, online, wordpressorg, content, blogging, platforms, free, store.
  • Building an Ecommerce Business, Part 10: Apparel Sales, Manufacturing - Selling apparel online is notoriously competitive. The margins are thin, typically. With hundreds of SKUs for size and color and styles, inventory management can be complicated — especially when the ... from www.practicalecommerce.com
    Topics: inventory, sales, manufacturing, business, systems, apparel, undershirts, ecommerce, idea, starts, production, theres, building, yes.
  • - Singapore shoppers have been warned about dealing with LuxStyle International. from insideretail.asia
    Topics: singapore, payment, consumer, case, warns, advisory, consumers, international, received, firm, luxstyle, payments.
  • Correos sent over 106 million parcels in 2018 - Correos, the national postal service of Spain, has distributed more than 106 million packages in 2018. This represents an increase of 61 percent compared to the total amount of packages it managed during the year before. The numbers indicate that Correos sent, on average, 9 million packages every month during… Continue reading from ecommercenews.eu
    Topics: spain, correos, total, million, growth, packages, parcels, distributed, increase, sent, ecommerce, shipments.
  • - Have you ever tried completing a form on a website and felt confused or lost while doing so? Did the placement of the form field labels and the fields themselves not make any sense? Were the form’s title and submission button not in locations that were easy for you to spot? These factors, among several others, are major aspects of a web form’s layout that have the potential to either enhance or diminish its user experience (UX). By implementing a successful layout, you’ll create a great experience for your visitors as well as initiate a positive — and hopefully long-lasting — relationship between them and your brand.  from blog.hubspot.com
    Topics: error, field, best, follow, labels, way, practices, layouts, great, examples, fields, visitors, forms, layout, form, web.
  • - Welcome to The Science Behind Success -- a new blog series that explores the best ways to help our brains perform better at work. With psychological research and interviews with leaders in the field, we're showing you how psychology can help you overcome workplace obstacles and excel in your career. Because a little mindset change could go a long way. from blog.hubspot.com
    Topics: psychology, mindset, goals, youre, specific, performance, workplace, role, help, winners, perform, champion, goal.
  • Magento Masters Spotlight: Miguel Balparda 2018 - Get to know Miguel Balparda, Community Developer at Nexcess from magento.com
    Topics: miguel, balparda, know, really, thats, nice, developer, talk, spotlight, actually, magento, community, dont, masters.
  • Meet Caper, the AI self-checkout shopping cart - The Amazon boogie-man has every retailer scrambling for ways to fight back. But the cost and effort to install cameras all over the ceiling or into every shelf could block stores from entering the autonomous shopping era. Caper wants to make eliminating checkout lines as easy as replacing their shopping carts while offering a more familiar […] from techcrunch.com
    Topics: cart, selfcheckout, carts, stores, gao, capers, merchants, wants, ai, meet, shopping, caper, retail.
  • Otto introduces instant payments - Online retailer Otto says it’s the first ecommerce company in Germany that enables instant payments for its customers. Thanks to a cooperation with Hanseatic Bank, Otto claims it’s able to offer a better service, like faster delivery, now customers can transfer money instantly. The Otto Group has partnered with the… Continue reading from ecommercenews.eu
    Topics: money, hanseatic, group, otto, offer, german, instant, ecommerce, introduces, bank, payments.
  • - The ubiquitous WeChat is continuing to expand its reach across all age groups - especially among people aged 55 and above. from insideretail.asia
    Topics: seniors, group, transactions, wechat, services, messages, embracing, programs, faster, volume, using, users, rose, cent.
  • - In 2018, US adults spent an average of three and a half hours on their phone every single day. What were they doing on their phones for nearly half the work day? While texting, surfing the web, and checking email are the top three mobile activities, using apps is next on the list. from blog.hubspot.com
    Topics: development, guide, test, ultimate, launch, making, develop, step, wireframe, apps, design, help, app.
  • Why You Need to Stop Worrying About Profit and Start Worrying About Cash Flow - It doesn’t matter how great your business model is, how profitable you are, or how many investors you have lined up—you won’t survive if you can't manage your business’s cash flow.More from www.shopify.com
    Topics: flow, week, need, stop, cash, business, youre, expenses, weeks, worrying, revenue, profit, start.
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