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Daily E-Commerce Pulse Report: Wed 09 Oct 2019

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  • 14 Best Link Shorteners Every Marketer Should Know About - Looking for the best link shortener to use on your website or your social pages? You’ve come to the right place! Find out how each service compares. from www.abetterlemonadestand.com
    Topics: link, custom, branded, shorteners, know, marketer, plan, clicks, shortener, links, offer, best, month, free.
  • How a Visual Language Can Spell Success for Your Next Marketing Campaign - Whether you're bingeing an original series on HBO or scanning your Instagram feed, high-quality visual content is now easier to find than ever. from blog.hubspot.com
    Topics: different, brand, youre, campaign, content, goals, spell, audience, language, visual, success, marketing.
  • How to Design a Logo [Step-by-Step Guide] - I think most of us can agree there are generic logos in the world that we easily forget, and then there are great logos that we'll always be able to recognize (even without the brand's name attached). But what is it about a logo that makes you recognize it? What is it about the design that can elicit a memory or even a specific emotion? If you're in the process of creating a logo for your company, you're in a unique position to make a powerful impact on how consumers perceive your brand. from blog.hubspot.com
    Topics: color, logo, youre, words, guide, design, start, dont, business, sketch, stepbystep, company.
  • Learning from Google’s Responsive Ad Units - Google's responsive ads are among the easiest ways to leverage machine learning to improve performance. So let’s look at what we can learn from the machines. from www.practicalecommerce.com
    Topics: search, units, googles, provide, ad, display, responsive, combinations, learning, google, ads, sizes, advertisers.
  • Robinhood revives checking with new debit card & 2% interest - This time it actually has insurance. Zero-fee stock-trading app Robinhood is launching Cash Management, a new feature that earns users 2.05% APY interest on uninvested money in their account with the ability to spend it through a special Mastercard debit card. The waitlist opens today in the U.S. with the first users to be admitted […] from techcrunch.com
    Topics: techcrunch, balance, revives, robinhood, apy, minimum, management, interest, checking, users, cash, debit, card.
  • - A Philippine ad agency has created a streetwear brand called What? Caps to test its digital marketing strategies - and now it has gone global. from insideretail.asia
    Topics: cap, brand, philippines, crosses, pahate, caps, worldwide, fedex, streetwear, success, markets, borders, website.
  • The History and Evolution of Retail Stores: From Mom and Pop to Online Shops - For nearly as long as people have existed, they have been sharing, bartering, selling, and consuming resources. To trace the… from www.bigcommerce.com
    Topics: ecommerce, store, shopping, evolution, online, history, 1700s, businesses, retail, sales, shop, stores, customers.
  • The Signs of a Highly Giftable Product (And How This Trio Doubled Down) - Three Nashville-proud friends had the idea to start Batch, a gift company curating items made by artisans from their beloved city.  In this episode of Shopify Masters, you'll hear from Sam Davidson of Batch on how they validated the concept, work with local makers, and switched their business focus. More from www.shopify.com
    Topics: yeah, highly, going, youre, need, say, really, kind, think, trio, thats, signs, product, giftable, lot, doubled.
  • Using Amazon Ad Attribution to Track Offsite Campaigns - Sellers who run Amazon advertising on other platforms such as Facebook and Google have been unable to track performance easily. But no more. Amazon has just released a beta for advertising Attribution for marketplace sellers. from www.practicalecommerce.com
    Topics: advertising, track, using, campaigns, amazon, ad, offsite, url, attribution, performance, console, dashboard, sellers, tags, ads.
  • Why Service-Based Businesses Should Use WooCommerce - Learn how to run a more efficient online business; enjoy unlimited, customized options; and delight your customers when you sell services with WooCommerce. from woocommerce.com
    Topics: set, woocommerce, youre, add, payments, businesses, service, clients, services, product, servicebased, customers.
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